cover art for Dark Figments 2: Nightingale


Dark Figments 2: Nightingale

Season 1, Ep. 2

An old woman comes into The Dreamer's visions, a woman trapped in her home, terrified of what's watching her from the woods.

She sees them every time she dares to venture out of her door. Black, lifeless eyes among the trees. But when her grandchildren come to visit, desperate for her to join them out in the world, her protections start to crumble. 

Some prisons we make for ourselves. What is the force behind the ever-watching nightingale?

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  • 1. Dark Figments 1: The Man in the Lane

    Alone, wrapped in darkness and haunted by dreams of terror and loss, a man finds his only way to retain his humanity is to tell the stories that come to him at night. The first dream weaves a tale of a new love, a house by the sea, and an irrepressible darkness."It always starts at just this moment, when the dying sun has breathed its last and slips away from the world. That’s when the Man in the Lane stirs and takes his first step back into the mortal world."Will never knew where the stories he told really came from. They just seemed to trip off his tongue as though they'd already been written. But when his new girlfriend Lara asks him to tell her a ghost story, Will starts to realise the true power of his words, revealing a darkness that threatens to rewrite his entire world.
  • 3. Dark Figments 3: The House at the Crossroads

    The Dreamer spins a dark tale of a man lost in a house that the rest of the world ignores. Inside are horrors beyond ghosts and monsters — terror he can never escape, trapped in a hell of his own making.