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International fans: how much do they really matter?

Season 1, Ep. 58

Welcome to the Fan Engagement Chat, the episode of the Fan Engagement Pod where we hear about someone’s approach to Fan Engagement. 

Abhishek Singh runs the Arsenal Naigpur Supporters Club, and is based in Naigpur, India. He works for Think Fan Engagement, and also runs his own business, Sport Ed India, working with sports organisations including football clubs, in India, on social media and other communications & engagement strategies. 

Abhishek tells us what it’s like for the international fans when it comes to Fan Engagement, what the relationship with the club is like and how they feel about being a fan. He also touches on football fandom when it comes to Indian football clubs.

It’s easy to dismiss their place in what I term ‘the concentric circles of fan’, but in a gloabalised world, international fans are an important part of what clubs at levels deal with.

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Supporter Liaison Officer: Not just an add-on. Stuart Dykes from SD Europe

Season 1, Ep. 61
Episode 61 is with Stuart Dykes from SD Europe’s Supporter Liaison (SLO) Project. SD Europe is one part of the legacy of Supporters Direct, and works across Europe with clubs, fans, leagues and federations on how to implement the role. Go to for more.The SLO role was first seen in German football, but can now be seen across all of UEFA’s member associations, including in men’s professional football in England in the top-four divisions.From the perspective of us at Think Fan Engagement, the SLO role has never come even close to its full potential, often hampered by the absence of enough guidance from the leagues as to how to make the role work. In many clubs it’s something of an afterthought, often bolted onto another, existing role, instead of being able to play its proper role of ensuring that fans are thought about in all the decisions a club makes.Stuart really is a mine of information and expertise on the subject. Anyone hoping to create an effective SLO role should listen to this episode.You can find out more about our work at Register for free and you get access to the Fan Engagement Hub, with more detailed data and case studies from the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 Fan Engagement Indexes.By the way, from now on, we’ll be publishing one edition a week each Tuesday, including the Fan Engagement Chat, Bas Chat, with Bas Schnater, and Did They Ask The Fans, with Tim Crow.Please like, subscribe and share. It really does help our visibility.