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Covid Crisis Campaign Special: Damian Collins MP

Season 1, Ep. 18

This is a special episode, a chat with the former Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Chair, Damian Collins MP, who represents Folkestone and Hythe in the UK Parliament. It focuses on the current funding crisis in English football following the cancellation of the return of fans to stadia, and the demands of the campaign for government to be involved in finding - and funding - the solution.

We chatted about why it’s absolutely critical to the entire future of the EFL and the wider pyramid that government works out a plan with the rest of football, including providing funding itself, to protect clubs that are not just vital community assets, but also providers of local support and services to their populations.

One thing anyone listening who lives in a constituency with a club in it is to contact your MP directly, and ask them to support the letter and the campaign, or speak with Damian. Just type ‘They work for you’ in your search engine for your MP’s contact details.

We do also spend a bit of time at the end chatting about Fan Engagement more generally, something Damian is well experienced in, having been involved in investigations into football governance and fan representation from almost the moment he entered Parliament and became involved in the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

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