Fairwork Podcast


008: India

Season 1, Ep. 8

Karnataka, located in the South West of India is home to around 64 millions people. It’s known as the tech hub of India, home to many of the countries largest technology companies. But it is a city marked by huge inequality and beyond the high rise offices, lives a huge number of people using their smartphones and computers to make a living in the gig economy.


In this episode of the Fairwork podcast, we hear from Vinod, a gig worker based in Bengaluru. We hear his story of working for the gig economy platform Swiggy. What’s it like moving to the city to work as a courier? How do you navigate providing for your family and the costs associated with your work? And what happens when a global pandemic brings your work to a standstill?

In addition, we hear from the Principal Investigators for Fairwork India, Janaki Srinivasan and Balaji Parthasarathy, as they outline the history and context of the gig economy in India.

As always, you can contact Robbie, with any thoughts, suggestions, comments (or just to say hello) at robbie.warin@oii.ox.ac.uk

This episode was written and produced by Pradyumna Taduri, Mounika Neerukonda and Robbie Warin.

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