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The Honest Truth About Thriving as a Young PR Professional

Season 2, Ep. 5

In the final episode of The Honest Truth... series, special guests Jessica Hope, CEO, Wimbart, and Kenon Mann, Deputy Director of Marketing, University of Nottingham, join host Eduvie Martin to debunk the myths young people may have about working in PR and comms, and to share tips and coping strategies for succeeding in the industry.

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  • 5. Education vs. Experience

    In this episode host Shamina Peerboccus and guests Matt Brown (Transport for London) and Veronica Patton-Cemm (Blurred) explore various perspectives on the importance of qualifications for PR careers. They discuss whether PR skills can be taught in classrooms, the value of formal education versus hands-on training, and strategies for continuous learning in the dynamic PR industry. You will also learn how transferable skills can help career shifters and returners break into PR.
  • 4. Beyond the Pitch: The art of client and agency collaboration

    Are PR agency teams outsiders or allies? In this episode hosts Priscillia Chun and Mammy Maguire with guests Claire Quansah (Quansah Consulting) and Valerio Rossetti (Soldo) take a dive deep into what it takes to build a thriving agency-client relationship. They explore the common ground, the areas of friction, and the strategies that lead to mutual success. If you're tired of the same old agency struggles, we hope this episode provides a roadmap to a better way. 
  • 3. Traditional vs Modern Leadership

    We live in an era where modern leaders take pride in being empathetic, constantly striving to understand and cater to their teams as individuals. In this episode, Arun Lloyd and Sim Devgun are joined by Nik Govier (Blurred) to explore if it’s possible to be ‘too empathetic’, if there is still a need for more ‘traditional’ leadership styles and if Gen-Z are really the reason for the change – or if this shift has been a long time coming.
  • 2. Synergy in Communication: Bridging Internal & External Comms

    This episode, hosted by Anita Rathod with guests Eduvie Martin (BAT) and Maxine Myers (Imperial College London), explores why comms is at its best when internal and external comms work hand-in-hand. It looks at the differences alongside the intersections - exploring the skills needed to be a specialist in the area and how they overlap.Taking a deep dive into the fundamentals of the two areas, it draws on the guests' experience in the UK and internationally - focusing on where alignment and integration has been the driver for success.
  • 1. The Power of Personality in PR

    This episode will tackle and dismantle personality myths about PR and communications leaders. Host Myriam Khan and guests Noha Al Afifi (Arthritis Action) and Louie St Claire (Delphi) will explore the unique strengths introverts and extroverts bring to the table, and discuss the impact of leveraging one’s natural style in communications.
  • 4. The Honest Truth: Misogynoir and Authentic Leadership

    This episode of The Honest Truth... series will focus on misogynoir and authentic leadership with host Mahalia Johnson joined by special guests Ronke Lawal, PR and Communications Consultant, Ariatu Public Relations, and Claire Quansah, founder, Quansah Consulting. The conversation aims to enable open and honest conversations about what it’s like being a Black female leader, the journey it takes to get there, and the maintenance.
  • 3. The Honest Truth of An Emotional PR Leader

    In the fourth episode of The Honest Truth... host Shanil Nayee and special guest Sara Thornhurst, founder, Inclusive Public Relations, explore why there is a lack of transparency and avoidance when discussing stress, imposter syndrome, overworking and more. The frank conversation explores why wellbeing can no longer be allowed to be an afterthought in the world of PR, comms, and marketing, as well as what can be done to rid the taboos surrounding mental health.
  • 2. The Honest Truth of a BME PR Leader

    In an industry largely led by white men (according to the CIPR in 2020 92% of PR professionals in the UK described themselves as 'white'), how do pros from minority backgrounds navigate conversations around diversity? In the second episode of The Honest Truth... series special guests Julian Obubo, Manifest, and Jo Ogunleye, Google UK, join hosts Mahalia Johnson and Shamina Peerboccus to talk diversity, inclusion, and progress (or not) three years after the summer of BLM.