Extremely Online


Are We Training Racist Robots?

In today's episode of Extremely Online, we chat about the biased AI's that are forming our current and future world - and how they learn everything from us.

To help us have this conversation we sit down with the wonderful Julia Arnott-Neenee and sink our teeth into the future we're creating and who's benefitting (and who's suffering from it.)

It's a candid and important conversation that I hope encourages all of us to have a look at how we're living and the data we are creating to feed these AI's. We aren't perfect, but the only way we can learn is by having, and listening to conversations like this - so we hope you get as much out of it as we did!

A bit more about Julia: Julia is passionate about digitally empowering Māori and Pasifika communities in order to bridge the digital divide, achieve digital equity, and increase representation of Māori and Pacific in the tech industry. She co-founded a youth-led Pacific social enterprise, PeopleforPeople as part of this mission, and she's just a legend.

Learn more about her mahi at PeopleForPeople, find her on Linkedin here or on the gram here.

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