The life of a Third Culture Kid therapist

Rachel is, amongst many other things, a Third Culture Kid therapist specialising in Life Story Interview and Accompaniment, an approach she developed from her Sociological doctorial research into TCK identity, belonging and relationship to place. This podcast is a place she comes to contribute her ponderings on personal growth, working with pain, and the transformative change that comes from a better understanding of our own stories. For more information about Rachel’s therapeutic work, please visit: or drop her a line at

Dr Rachel Cason

I grew up, like many of you, navigating multiple cultures. I was raised by White British missionaries in Niger, France and England. I was home-schooled, international schooled, and local schooled (in England). I grew up speaking a mix of Hausa, French and English. People would ask me what it was like growing up abroad, and I would be baffled as to how to reply, thinking, “What is it like not to?”