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Exige International's Leadership Series

Caroline Bedford, CEO & Founder of EDII

Season 1, Ep. 13

In this episode we welcome the amazing Caroline Bedford, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of EDII, an innovation, education and development company helping talent within the FS and insurance markets. Caroline not only shares her insights into building a business and founding EDII, but also speaks about the power of generalists, innovation across the industry and what makes a great leader.

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  • 20. Debbie Watkins, CEO & Co-founder of Lucy

    Today's episode features the amazing Debbie Watkins, co-founder and CEO of Lucy, a mobile banking and money management solution for women in Singapore. Lucy provides a mobile application designed to provide entrepreneurial women with the tools to make life easier. Debbie spoke about the challenges she has seen with female entrepreneurs in this space and what we can learn from developing countries.Debbie Watkins Samantha Smart International International LinkedIn Innovation by Jaideep Prabhu, Navi Radjou, and Simone Ahuja
  • 19. Virginia Klausmeier, CEO and Founder of Sylvatex

    We are joined today by the amazing Virginia Klausmeier, founder and CEO of Sylvatex, a company whose technology replaces costly and carbon intensive practices with efficient and climate friendly manufacturing techniques. Virginia shared some great insights into the transition to clean energy, investment and her own founding story. Virginia Klausmeier Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 18. Elsie Amoako, CEO & Founder of Mommy Monitor

    It is our pleasure to welcome Elsie Amoako, CEO and Founder of Mommy Monitor, a social enterprise which offers customized maternal health support and education in a culturally sensitive way. Elsie founded this business to help combat issues in pre-natal and post-natal care - designing a solution to help mothers and people who give birth to access culturally aware and sensitive health care professional and resources. This was an amazing discussion where Elsie shared her journey from academic research to founding her business and the challenges and opportunities she has faced since then.Elsie Amoako Monitor Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 17. Laura-Marie Töpfer, Partner at Extantia Capital

    This week, we welcome the amazing Laura-Marie Töpfer who is a Partner at Extantia Capital. Extantia Capital is a Venture Capital firm which specifically invests in the decarbonisation space and climate tech. There has been so much research and articles published in the past couple of years talking about how female-led companies have very limited investment from the VC community, and Laura-Marie shares her insights into what this means and her thoughts about the lack of female talent in the VC area.Laure Marie Töpfer Capital Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 16. Kristine Beese, Founder & CEO of Untangle Money

    Today's guest is the awesome Kristine Beese, CEO and Founder of Untangle Money, a company that is looking to empower women by providing financial management which is tailored specifically for them. In this episode, we speak about her entrepreneurship journey so far and how Untangle Money was started, as well as the financial disadvantage which women face.Kristine Beese Money Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 15. Purvi Munot, Co-Founder & CEO of Sav

    Today's episode features the Co-Founder and CEO of Sav, Purvi Munot. Sav is a fintech company which aims to making saving more fun and less stressful - the application they have developed helps to make saving convenient and lucrative through gamified rewards, in order to help change the perception of saving. Purvi was an awesome guest and shared her experiences of founding Sav and the hiring the right talent in the tech space.Purvi Munot Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 14. Danika Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO of My Normative

    Welcoming the amazing entrepreneur Danika Kelly to today's episode. Danika is a Co-founder and CEO of My Normative, the only health tracking app available in North America which incorporates female-specific metrics. In this discussion, we speak about why her and her co-founder Renee started this business, how they work together, and life as a female entrepreneur.Danika Kelly Normative Smart International International LinkedIn
  • 12. Annalee Bloomfield, Founder & CEO of Sustain.Life

    For this episode, we welcome the amazing Annalee Bloomfield, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sustain.Life. Founded along with 2 former Walmart executives and an ESG expert, Sustain.Life provides comprehensive sustainability software that can be used across a business to embed sustainability into the day-to-day working of the company. Annalee gave some real insight into co-founding the business, building talent in the business and leadership.Annalee Bloomfield Smart International International LinkedIn