Everything Under The Sun


Who was the first person to see Santa? How old is Santa? How did Father Christmas meet the elves? With Neil Gaiman. Why do red berries grow on holly?

Season 5, Ep. 116

On the Christmas special of this award winning show with Molly Oldfield discover the answers to four questions sent into Everything Under The Sun by children around the world!

First up we have Tara's question who was the first person to see Santa? Then we have Alessia asking How old is Santa? and finally we find out How Father Christmas met the first elves? asked by Oliver. All of these questions are answered by Neil Gaiman.

Neil is an incredible author and brilliant person who knows lots about Christmas!

One snowy Christmas in NYC Neil Gaiman dressed as Charles Dickens and read A Christmas Carol from the original performance copy Dickens made himself and read from 150 years ago, I did a talk about finding the book in the NYPL when researching my book, The Secret Museum

Here is the link to the magical evening - https://soundcloud.com/qi-official-channel/molly-oldfield-neil-gaiman-the

We also discover why red berries grow on holly, answering Hayden's question.

Enjoy the show and wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!

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Thank you! Have a lovely week and Happy Christmas x

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