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Danny & Kelly Osbourne & Jeff Beacher

Season 1, Ep. 257

In this bonus episode, Danny sits down to talk with Kelly Osbourne and her co-host Jeff Beacher stops by briefly as well. They talk about their new podcast, Kelly's relapse, MTV's The Osbournes, panel talk shows, Kelly's relationship with Christina Aguilera, and so much more! Danny also briefly touches on the Oscars!

INTERVIEW: 4:42ish

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  • 332. VANDERPUMP RULES: Reunion Part 1 + The Valley Big Bear!

    Danny recaps part 1 of the season 11 Vanderpump Rules reunion! After VPR, Danny recaps The Valley, which saw (some of) the group head to Big Bear!THE VALLEY RECAP: 27:30ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:

    Danny chats with Nicole Richie, one of the pioneers of reality TV with The Simple Life, and an accomplished actor in things like Great News, the new Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead reboot, the upcoming Summer Camp with Diane Keaton, and so much more! ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 330. VPR FINALE + Valley Hibachi!

    Danny dips the toe into the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere before diving into the Vanderpump Rules finale, which featured a dramatic conclusion, a performance from Scheana dressed in all gold, and more! After VPR, Danny recaps The Valley, which gave us a hibachi game night and t-shirt relaunchThe Valley: 102:48ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 329. Vanderpump Rules: San Francisco + The Valley with Janet Caperna!

    Danny recaps Vanderpump Rules, which saw the group head to San Francisco to dress like flappers and watch Scheana spell apples into a microphone that autotunes (unclear). We also meet Dan! After VPR, we head to The Valley with the lovely cast member Janet Caperna, who stops by to talk about her relationships within the group, whether or not we can expect a reunion or season 2, and so much more!The Valley with Janet Caperna: 36:14ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:

    Danny recaps Vanderpump Rules, which featured Jax and Brittany crossing over to cause drama, plus James and Ally host the group again at their plane runway/home! Over on The Valley, Mamaw pops by to grind with a cast member and launch Jax's hair thinning partnership (what a ridiculous sentence to type). After dinner, the group brawls it out over Jesse and Michelle's relationship in an intense hallway scene!The Valley Recap: 53:15ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:

    Danny welcomes Busy Philipps, star of Girls5Eva on Netflix! They talk about some of her iconic roles in things like Dawson's Creek, White Chicks, her new QVC talk show, and lots more!ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 326. Danny & Katie Maloney (Vanderpump Rules)!

    Danny welcomes Katie Maloney back to the podcast to talk about this wild season, her relationship with Tori, sandwich shop updates, the Chili's of it all with Sche-Sche, her thoughts on The Valley, and SO much more! Solo recaps of VPR and The Valley will return next week! ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 325. VANDERPUMP RULES: New TerriTORI + The Valley!

    Danny recaps Vanderpump Rules, which featured a love triangle between Katie, Tom and Tori, plus more about Jo and Schwartz, a haunting single's night, and more tension between Lala and Katie! Over on The Valley, the group heads to a Be The Match event and deals with fallout from the Capri/CAPry night. The Valley Recap: 43:00ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 324. VPR Water Showdown + The Valley Plays Telephone!

    This week on a tension-filled Vanderpump Rules, Ariana and Tom come face to face at a water tasting pizza party (?) and again at a group beach day. Meanwhile, Katie and Schwartz prove sparks fly, and Lala gets glad. Over on The Valley, a game of telephone comes to a head at a Capri-themed (Dorit's impact) dinner party!The Valley Recap: 42:00ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon: