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BONUS: The Jolliest Bunch Audiobook Sneak Preview + 👑Linda & Gary!

Season 2, Ep. 299

Danny is on tour, but we have a bonus episode with a sneak preview of the brand new audiobook for Danny's new book, The Jolliest Bunch: Unhinged Holiday Stories! If you enjoy this preview chapter, pickup a hard copy of The Jolliest Bunch, or listen to the audiobook wherever you get your audiobooks.

Danny will be back in November with the Bravo/Real Housewife recaps!

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  • 345. RHOC: This I Promise(d) You

    This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gina put on a conductor hat and drove the episode train this week as she confronted Jen about getting glam amidst a messy eviction. Alexis meanwhile promise(d) to continue rubbing Shannon the wrong way at Heather's wishing wall event.ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK: DANNY'S BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 344. RHOC PREMIERE: A Little Bit Alexis!

    The Real Housewives of Orange County season premiere is upon us and it's a doozy! Alexis is back, Shannon is going through it, some of the wives have too many houses, others might not have any...a perfect season premiere!ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK: DANNY'S BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 343. Countess Luann Returns!

    The Countess comes back to Everything Iconic to talk about her Marry, F, Kill tour, run-in with former cast mate Bethenny, what's next for her on TV, and more! Get tickets to her live show on her website ( ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK: DANNY'S BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 342. RERUN: RHOSLC Martini Roomurrs + RHOC! SO MUCH HAPPENING!

    It's a holiday week, so Danny is off, but we have a classic rerun to prepare for the new season of RHOC! In this episode, Danny first breaks down RHOSLC before moving into RHOC. *EPISODE RECORDED IN 2023. PREVIOUS DESCRIPTION: A lot going on this week in the world of Bravo, breaking Shannon news, plus incredible episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and The Real Housewives of Orange County! On Salt Lake, the women continue their Palm Springs trip with a chaotic martini dinner that ends in more sprinter van madness. On OC, the gals finish their trip by facing their worst nightmare: ropes.RHOC Recap: 34:25ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK: DANNY'S BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 341. RHONJ & RHOA Drama! + Author Chelsea Devantez!

    Was planning a short Bravo hiatus, but there's too much going on in the Bravosphere, so Danny is here to talk about the explosive Real Housewives of New Jersey fight, drama on Atalanta, and more! After that, author and podcast host Chelsea Devantez stops by to talk about her fantastic new book, celebrity memoirs, Housewife books, and more!Chelsea Interview: 19:40ishORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 340. Bravo News & Views 2: RHONJ Screenshots, Inside Out 2, RHOA, Summer House, and More!

    Danny is back with more Bravo news and views, talking about the new Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, Summer House reunion part 2, what's happening on RHOA, Jesse from The Valley dated Anna Nicole Smith(!) and lots more! PLUS an Inside Out 2 detour. ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 339. Bravo News & Views: Summer House, OC Trailer, RHONJ!

    Danny is covering some recent Bravo hot topics: the Summer House reunion, The Real Housewives of Orange County trailer, and the new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:
  • 338. Sex and the City Recap with Hannah Brown Presented by Splash Refresher!

    In a special bonus episode, Danny welcomes friend of the pod Hannah Brown to recap a classic episode of Sex and the City (season 3, episode 17)! The two, per usual, get into a million detours and end up talking about all sorts of wonderfulness. Hope you enjoy! And special thank you to our sponsor, Splash Refresher! ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon:

    Danny recaps the intense finale of THE VALLEY, which featured multiple broken marriages, a bar opening, and plants!!! ORDER DANNY'S NEW BOOK:'S (OTHER) BOOK: @DannyPellegrinoInstagram: @DannyPellegrinoYouTube: @DannyPellegrinoPatreon: