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Ep 01 Sam Brown

Ep. 1

In this Episode I talk with singer-songwriter, Sam Brown who had a massive hit all across Europe and the UK with the song, 'Stop!'.

The sub-title of this episode is 'In the beginning ...' because it was close to the start of my own career in music that I worked as a tape op on Sam's debut album.

Sam talks very openly about her career, her departure from her record company and a move to making the music that she really wanted to make.

Sam says that all of the promotion of 'Stop!' became a full time job in and of itself and took her away from the thing she loved most; making music.

Sam has had an amazing career as a singer, not only as a solo artist but also as a highly praised backing singer, working and touring with Pink Floyd and of course, her stunning work with Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

Sam talks about the devastation of losing her mum, Vicki, to cancer and how it shaped the music she was writing at the time.

Then, Sam mysteriously lost her voice and has still not discovered how or why and talks of the emotional pain of this loss and how her hopes have risen and fallen with each attempt with a coach or therapist to bring back that amazing voice.

Sam has beautifully given her time and expertise in coaching others by running Ukulele groups both in person and over the internet and has a myriad of stories to tell about her wonderful students and her relationships with them.

A new album is also on the way; a very different approach because of Sam's vocal restrictions but a delight is certainly in waiting for our ears.

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Ep 11 Rachael Perrin and Soundcastle

Ep. 11
This week I am talking with Rachael Perrin from Soundcastle. Soundcastle are an amazing community music organisation, running sustained programs in community spaces, some of which are very discreet and 'Hidden'. Rachael describes this so well for us. Musical Beacons is a program for vulnerable families, often young women with children escaping from abusive situations. People's Music is a program all about adult mental health recovery. Soundcastle's work is often in gaps in current provision and is all about mental health and wellbeing.We discuss the challenges of attracting funding when much of your work, by its very nature, must remain invisible.Rachael tells us about The Soundcastle Community, an online space for community musicians to connect with other but also offering extensive training programs. Rachael describes this as a kind of online Arts centre.Soundcastle also work in sector development, consulting on inclusive practice and lots of training provision, including Mental Health First Aid.It was great to hear about Rachael's own journey into community music and her passion for the work.I was so impressed by our conversation and I raise a glass to Soundcastle's commitment to transparency in all that they do. Happily sharing their business model and all that they have gone through to get to where they are now. True community spirit.Soundcastle websiteThe Soundcastle CommunitySoundcasle LinkedIn All other social media use @SoundcastleTeamEternal GuitarsMy Links