Every Place Is The Same


EPITS Mini: Epcot Center

Season 3, Ep. 30.5

This Episode: Epcot Center

Guest: Chris Bond

Podcast: We Like Theme Parks

Daniela's Secret Bespoke Spots in the World is a mini episode where Daniela tells you some of her most favourite and sometimes undiscovered places to go in various cities across the globe. It is also the extra little tid bit that fans have been asking for between our full episodes. Please let us know what you think of these mini episodes on:

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Host: Daniela Vlaskalic

Director: Marco Timpano

Producers: Drumcast Productions

Theme Music: Dying Seed

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Every Place Is The Same

Part travelogue, Part challenge, Part comedic stint.  

Everyplace Is The Same tries to prove the ridiculous 

notion that every place Is in fact the same.

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