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Magdalena Tul

Following a streak of missed finals for Poland, hopes were higher when Magdalena Tul and the song "Jestem" became popular with the fans and was generally predicted to proceed to the final when she was to perfom first in the first semi final in 2011. The reality became quite the opposite, though, when she not just failed to reach the final, but it turned out that she had actually finished dead last in the semi final.

Did she have technical issues? Should she have chosen a different version of the song? Did she try to take on too many tasks around the performance herself or did she just not have the proper backing from the Polish broadcaster? All these are questions that she has asked herself for ten years and will be answered in this episode when "Lady Tulla" tells us about her greatest regrets from Düsseldorf.

We also learn about her other attempts to reach Eurovision and her newest songs, as well as the upcoming relocation.

Legend: Magdalena Tul

Song: Jestem (Poland 2011)

Host: Emil Löfström


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