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Lise Haavik

People all over the world often have a hard time separating the Scandinavian countries, and honestly, who can blame them when we have people like Lise Haavik, who was born and raised in northern Norway, moved to Denmark to study economics, formed a band and a marriage with Danish artist John Hatting (against her father's better judgement, mind you), tried out for the Danish Eurovision ticket a couple of times and finally won the right to represent Denmark, when the competition was held in Norway of all places, with a song and a performance borrowing heavily from a previous Swedish entry?

Set in the world of Danish "happy-schlager", what was the road that led her to this point, what happened to Lise and John's marriage and artistic cooperation, what are Lise's further attempts to reach the Eurovision and why does the classic Danish song "Under stjernerne på himlen" with Tommy Seebach keep recurring during this interview, despite having nothing to do with neither Lise nor John? Or has it?

Legend: Lise Haavik (Trax)

Song: Du er fuld af løgn (Denmark 1986)

Host: Emil Löfström


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John Ballard

He has finished top ten four times out of five attempts in Eurovision, but never for his home country nor for the country where he has lived for over 40 years. Who is John Ballard? The legendary lyricist behind such songs as "Hold Me" and "You're the Only One"?In this first episode we find out why he moved from his native Scotland to the west coast of Sweden, and how he became a household name there with several participations in Melodifestivalen. We of course get to listen to these songs, as well as a version that John hasn't even heard himself, in addition to several attempts that were not selected to compete.We also talk extensively about, and get to listen to several rare demos from, his long and successful career as a producer and songwriter. He was the guy who discovered one of the biggest bands ever, Ace of Base, and he also is the man behind other groups such as Yaki-da and Bubbles. However, despite all of this success he never again was invited to Melodifestivalen, and he sternly denies any involvement in the Melodifestivalen entry "Nattens änglar" by Jonas Berggren from Ace of Base!?This is the first of two episodes, where we look at John's rise to fame from a pub musician in Scotland to a very successful producer in Sweden and all over the world, and in the second episode we will take a look at his adventures in Eurovision.Legend: John BallardSongs:Hold Me (Azerbaijan 2013), Shine (Russia, 2014) You're The Only One (Russia 2016), This Is Love (Greece 2017) & My Lucky Day (Moldova 2018)Host:Emil LöfströmContact:emil@schlagervannerna.seInstagramFacebookhttp//