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Jon Ola Sand

He used to be the coolest guy in every Eurovision, but don't you want to hear about when Jon Ola Sand got really angry during the broadcast?

Or why he was so dissatisfied in Birmingham in 1998?

Much happened during his ten years as the Executive Supervisor for Eurovision, and already before that in other roles as Head of Delegation and Producer.

What has he got to say about Azerbaijan? When was he really disappointed in Russia? How close are Liechtenstein, Kosovo and Kazakhstan to compete, Turkey to return and how many countries are blocked by Israel?

Which rule would he change and did he really torture Christer Björkman on purpose?

Jon Ola Sand opens up a year after stepping down as the Executive Supervisor and lets us know why he thrives on chaos.

Legend: Jon Ola Sand

Titles: Head of delegation (Norway 1998-2005), Producer (2010), Executive Supervisor (2011-2020)

Host: Emil Löfström

Sidekick: Marcus Björkander


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