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Christer Björkman

Christer Björkman is such a huge Eurovision fan that he lied his way into the audience of Eurovision 1991 in Rome, and made someone else pay. He had tried to reach Eurovision for much longer than that, though, since he had unsuccessfully submitted songs from the mid 80's onward (we get to learn about and hear the songs), but it wasn't until he tormented the Swedish artist elite that he actually made it into the Swedish pre-selection.

He was certain that he wouldn't win and was almost replaced by the song-writer during the rehearsals, so which song was his favorite, and how did the surprising victory turn a blue-eyed openly gay man into a brown-eyed closet queen? What chaos did the victory create, how seriously did he treat his participation in Malmö, and what was his opinion about the winner?

What happened after the disastrous result and how come he took part immediately again the next year with a ten-year-old song performed at christenings, and what did the demo with Susanne Alfvengren sound like?

This is part one of two, where we take a look at Christer's journey as an artist.

Legend: Christer Björkman

Song: Imorgon är en annan dag (Sweden 1992)

Host: Emil Löfström

Sidekick: Marcus Björkander


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