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Escape: The Underground Railroad Podcast

Introducing... Escape: The Underground Railroad Podcast

In the telling of the history of the transatlantic slave trade, enslaved people were frequently painted as passive victims - but there have always been active resistance and success. Escape: The Underground Railroad Podcast will be dedicated to exploring rebellions, uprising and escapes - celebrating powerful stories and individuals who never stopped fighting oppression.

A companion podcast to the Prime Video limited series, our hosts, Miquita Oliver and Desiree Burch, will uncover stories of resistance by enslaved peoples that don’t often get told. Enslaved individuals were always resisting and their history is one full of pride. Each week, our hosts invite a different historian to focus on a story of a rebellion or escape and demonstrate that enslaved communities never gave up in their search for freedom and human rights.

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  • 6. William & Ellen Craft

    For the final episode of the series, Miquita and Desiree learn about the romantic inventive escape of William and Ellen Craft. Joined by Dr Barbara McCaskill and great, great granddaughter of the Crafts, Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely.
  • 5. Everyday Resistance

    In this episode, Miquita and Desiree learn about small scale everyday resistance that enslaved people engaged in. From setting cotton fields on fire to stealing the mistress's bed these acts of defiance were bold, creative and sometimes pretty funny...
  • 4. The Maroons

    Maroons are communities of escaped enslaved people. Wherever there has been slavery there have always been communities of people who have escaped. In this episode Dr. Kehinde Andrews joins Desiree and Miquita to discuss Maroon communities in Louisiana, Jamaica and Brazil.
  • 3. The Haitian Revolution

    In this episode, Desiree Burch and Miquita Oliver learn about the enslave-led Haitian Revolution and how it inspired uprisings across the diaspora with Dr Gregory Pierrot.
  • 2. The Crossing

    Dr Rebecca Hall inspires Miquita and Desiree with unheard stories of women-led slave revolts. In this episode, we go back to the 1700's and discover the amazing revolt aboard the ship Little George.
  • 1. The Cincinnati 28

    Join Miquita and Desiree as they meet Dr. Eric Jackson who tells the story of 28 enslaved people who escaped from Kentucky on the Underground Railway. Their ingenious get away method? They paraded through the city in broad daylight dressed as a funeral procession!