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  • 9. Episode With Richie Sadlier: Fergal Keane

    With the war in Ukraine and the ongoing genocide in Gaza dominating the news agenda, Richie is joined for the final show of the series by BBC special correspondent and veteran war reporter, Fergal Keane. Fergal, who's spent much of the last couple of years covering both conflicts, has been reporting from frontlines across the world for over three decades. But recently, he's been adapting how he does the job, taking on assignments that place him out of harm's way, yet still get him close enough so that he can tell the stories of the ordinary people whose lives have been upended. He made that decision after privately battling with PTSD for years, a condition which he thinks dates back to well before his career as a journalist, all the way back to his turbulent childhood, even. And as he explains to Richie, it's one of a number of choices he's made which have brought him a sense of peace for the first time in his life, even while he continues to be deeply affected by his reporting on the Ukrainian and Palestinian lives which continue to be lost every day.  Fergal also describes how distant a ceasefire in Gaza seems to him right now, how he ensures he doesn't go back on his promise to steer clear of frontline reporting, and he remembers the life of a Gazan who died at just five days old, baby Sabreen al-Sakani. Episode is a Second Captains production.

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  • 8. Episode With Richie Sadlier: Damien Duff

    As we may have mentioned once or twice on social media this week, joining Richie on today's show is a very old friend and an up and coming League of Ireland manager by the name of Damien Duff. Speaking the morning after Shelbourne's 0-2 win over Shamrock Rovers in Tallaght, Damien explains how he had to change his approach to the job after the anger that fueled him began to impact his personal life, how it still takes up most of his waking hours, and why he's not looking beyond management in the League of Ireland. He also tells Richie why he thinks John O'Shea should step away from the interim Ireland job and what an embarrassment the FAI's approach to recruiting a new manager has been.Episode is a Second Captains production. 
  • 7. Episode With Richie Sadlier: Mia Döring

    A message for listeners: today's show includes discussions of themes that some people may find distressing from the outset and throughout, including sexual violence, sexual abuse and the sex trade. When Mia Döring was sixteen years old, she was raped, a hugely traumatic experience she couldn't speak about for two years until her mental health reached a crisis point. In the aftermath of that assault, a man in his thirties began to groom and sexually abuse Mia. Her abuser would pay her each time he saw her, making the situation even more psychologically complex for an already vulnerable, traumatised teenage girl. By her own description, Mia began to equate the money with her own self-worth, and the idea of her value as a human being tied to these payments led her to enter the sex trade as a college student. Now a psychotherapist specialising in sexual trauma, she speaks to Richie about making the decision to talk publicly about her experiences, how the people running the industry in Ireland and the punters propping it up tried to intimidate her as she campaigned for the purchase of sex to be made illegal, and the road to recovering from trauma. Episode is a Second Captains production.
  • 6. Episode With Richie Sadlier: Pat Sheedy

    Nine months ago, Pat Sheedy walked out of prison after spending more than two and a half years locked up for trying to fund his decades-long gambling addiction through various scams. After winning his first bet as a teenager, he quickly fell into a cycle of working, borrowing and stealing to make sure he could place his next bet. Long periods of abstinence - at one point he went 12 years without gambling - followed, but it wasn't until finally being given a custodial sentence in 2020 that he began to really reflect on the damage he was doing to other people. Pat speaks to Richie just a few hundred metres down the road from where he placed his first bet in Limerick city today and explains why prison was the best thing that ever happened to him, describes the life of a compulsive gambler and how he's tried to make amends with the victims of his scams since being released last August. Episode is a Second Captains podcast. 
  • 5. Episode With Richie Sadlier: A Mid-Series Break

    This week on Episode we're taking a mid-series break but fear not, Richie and Killian will be back on the road next week when we'll be bringing you another brilliant conversation. Until then, a massive thank you for all the support for the show so far this series!Episode is a Second Captains production.
  • 4. Episode With Richie Sadlier: James Kavanagh, Plus An Episode Close To Home

    This week Richie and Killian travelled to Phibsboro to meet James Kavanagh at the home he's just about to leave after eight years for a new life in the countryside. Richie and James look back at James' teenage years, the earliest of which he spent locked up alone in his bedroom, his sanctuary from the homophobic bullying that dominated his time at school. He speaks about the reality of having no friends whatsoever until he was sixteen, darting from class to class to avoid other students and how he managed to start afresh and leave those days behind him. After the chat, Killian describes an experience both he and James have had in common with last week's guest, Donie O'Sullivan: recurring panic attacks and trying to manage them before they derail your day-to-day life. Episode is a Second Captains production.
  • 3. Episode With Richie Sadlier: Donie O'Sullivan

    As Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6th 2021, a relatively little-known Irish journalist walked CNN viewers through exactly what was going on as it unfolded. Donie O'Sullivan quickly became a household name, and within a few weeks he had decided to use his newfound platform to speak about the sometimes acute mental health issues which had been a part of his life over the previous decade. In the three years since, Donie has continued to report on misinformation and conspiracy theories on the American right for CNN, all the while managing his evolving relationship with his own psyche.  He joins Richie today to chat about the way in which his personal experiences with irrational thinking guide his reporting on fringe groups like QAnon, how a diagnosis of OCD has brought more clarity to his life and how alcohol can muddy those same waters. Episode is a Second Captains production.