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EOD Drinks

Erica and Kim Crawford: Founder and Winemaker of Loveblock

Season 1, Ep. 6

In this episode of EOD Drinks, the VinePair editorial team sits down with Kim and Erica Crawford of Loveblock. The husband-wife duo talks to VinePair about what it’s like to work together, why sustainability is vital to their winemaking practices, and what New Zealand wine has to offer beyond Sauvignon Blanc.

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  • 18. DIa Simms: CEO of Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal

    We are chatting with Dia Simms, CEO of Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal. We'll talk about her coming up in New York and having a full-circle moment opening her new offices in the Lower East Side. We'll also talk about her career building towards working with Diddy on Circoc Vodka and what she learned from that experience. Then we'll deep dive into her 1707, work ethic, and representation in the industry.
  • 17. Ryan Chetiyawardana: Award-Winning Bartender, Bar Owner, and Sustainability Advocate

    Today we are talking to Ryan Chetiyawardana, Award-Winning Bartender, Bar Owner, and Sustainability Advocate. We'll chat about stumbling into hospitality, Sustainability in a bar and Linking Kitchen work with bar work. Will also get a sense of what's in the future for Mr. Lyan.
  • 16. Shannon Mustipher: Spirits Educator and Author of Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails

    Today we are talking with Shannon Mustipher, Spirts educator and author of the book, Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails. We’ll get a crash course in the history of Rum, Talk about her days bartending, the future of cocktails. We’ll also talk about her book and future plans. Hosted by Joanna Sciarrino
  • 15. Garrett Oliver: Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery

    Garrett Oliver is a man who wears many fancy hats, but the past year has seen him stuck inside like the rest of us. This, he explains, led to the launch of The Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing & Distilling. Oliver tells us how 2020 events sparked a realization that being Black and “seen” isn’t as good as actively bringing others into the fold. He sees formal education as the key to longterm careers for BIPOC in beer and spirits. Hosted by Cat Wolinski.
  • 14. Julia Prestia: Owner of Venturini Baldini

    Today on EOD drinks we are talking to Julia Prestia owner of Venturini Baldini Winery in Emilia-Romagna where they produce the sparkling red wine Lambrusco. We’ll talk about what Lambrusco is as well as the new generation of Lambrusco winemakers, dip into organics and talk about how important it was to get certified We’ll also talk about what foods to pair with sparkling red wine and the Venturini Baldini estate and hotel ready for visitors with a restaurant on the property. Hosted by Keith Beavers 
  • 13. Dan Aykroyd

    On today's episode of End of Day Drinks, we're talking to Dan Aykroyd, comedian, Blues Brother, Ghostbuster and alcohol purveyor. We're going to chat with Dan about how he came to the alcohol business through wine, why he initially thought he would make it tequila, not an award winning vodka and the reason he chose to package his vodka in a bottle in the shape of a skull. Finally, Dan is going to share his favorite cities to drink in around the world and hot take, he doesn't think New York is all that great. 
  • 12. Stevie Stacionis and Sarah Bray: Co-founders of Bâtonnage

    On this episode of end of day drinks, we're talking with Stevie Stacionis and Sarah Bray the founder and co-founder of Batonnage. Batonnage is the brainchild of all those who identify as women working in all the different facets of the wine industry. Even and especially those who have traditionally been overlooked or spoken over. The organization strives to educate wine professionals as well as wine industry supporters on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the field from winemakers to vineyard workers, writers and marketers, sales people, somms, collectors and drinkers have faced both historically and in present-day. We’re going to speak with the two women about their new mentorship program and their plans for the future. 
  • 11. Steve Grasse: founder of Philadelphia's Quaker City Mercantile

    We're talking with Steve Grasse, founder of Philadelphia's Quaker City Mercantile. We chat about how Steve's early advertising work in the tobacco industry, which he calls "the marketing marine core," provided him with the knowledge and experience to launch two of the world's most successful spirits brands: Hendrick's Gin and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. We also hear about his work rebranding some classic beer labels and his latest venture, the experimental Tamworth Distilling.
  • 10. Bruce Cakebread and Stephanie Jacobs: Owner and Winemaker of Cakebread Cellars

    On this episode of EOD Drinks, we're talking with Cakebread co-owner Bruce Cakebread and the winery's winemaker, Stephanie Jacobs. We are going to chat with the two of them about how Cakebread promotes sustainability in the vineyard, the importance of the family's legacy to the brand, how Cakebread makes wines specifically for food pairings, and how the brand is also embracing technological innovations when it comes to making its wines. Finally, we're going to discuss the surprising role, worms. Yes, worms! Those creepy, crawly critters play in the vineyard.