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Engineering Works

Jim Shaw

ACEC-IL's new podcast "Engineering Works" interviews Jim Shaw, Vice President, Illinois State Leader of RS & H. Jim discusses Innovative Project Delivery, how it is being used by IDOT, which projects are a good fit, and which aren't for alternative delivery methods.

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  • Steve Donahue

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews Steve Donahue, National director of ACEC Illinois and president of Horner Shifrin. Steve talks about ACEC National's efforts to advocate for a fix to the Research and Development Tax Credit, why it's a crucial issue for the industry, and a recent update that is a huge step in the right direction.
  • Rebecca Mason

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews Rebecca Mason, managing director of the Transportation for Illinois Coalition. Rebecca talks about efforts to protect Rebuild Illinois funding, the projects IDOT has been able to complete this year, and what to look forward to in the spring session.
  • Stacie Dovalovsky and Tom Hein

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews ACEC-IL board members and 2023-2024 PAC Champions Stacie Dovalovsky and Tom Hein. Tom and Stacie discuss the influence of the PAC, the issues the PAC supports nationally and locally, and the importance of consistent advocacy.
  • Kirk Dillard

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews RTA Chairman Kirk Dillard. Chairman Dillard discusses the state of transit post-pandemic, exciting new plans, and what is needed to keep its 1500 miles of track, 7500 vehicles, 400 stations, and 70 maintenance facilities in a state of good repair.
  • Chuck Stenzel

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews Chuck Stenzel, Senior Vice President of TranSystems.  Chuck discusses the Circle Interchange project, its focus on reuniting communities, and how it tackled one of the worst bottlenecks in the country. 
  • Andrew Keaschall

    ACEC-IL's podcast "Engineering Works" interviews Andrew Keaschall, Senior Vice President of the Illinois Division Office at Benesch. Andrew discusses the billion dollar project that totally reconstructed the 8-mile I-74 bridge over the Mississippi, what it was like to work with Iowa DOT, and the benefits the project brought to the region. 
  • Laura McGovern

    Today we talk to Laura McGovern, Illinois State Mathcounts Chair and ACEC-IL board member about the importance of math, nurturing young talent, and how it plays a role in the success of the industry.
  • PJ Fitzpatrick

    Today we talk to PJ Fitzpatrick, past board chair of ACEC Illinois, about the recent Capitol Hill visits, the National Conference, the National EEA Awards Gala, and what is getting him excited about the future of the industry.