Energibransjens temapodcast fra enerWE


Why do we need hydrogen? Why not just use solar, wind and hydropower? [Content marketing]

In this podcast episode, you will meet:


  • Tina Bru, Norwegian oil and energy minister
  • Ingebjørg Telnes Wilhelmsen, Secretary General in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum
  • Vegard Frihammer, CEO in Greenstat
  • Jon Andre Løkke, CEO in NEL
  • Bo Normark, Industrial Strategy Executive, EIT InnoEnergy
  • Nils Røkke, Executive Vice President Sustainability in SINTEF, and the Chairman of The European Energy Research Alliance
  • Birgitte Ringstad, EVP European Wind and Solar in Statkraft.
  • Thiebault Paquet, Director Powertrain Division R&D Toyota Motor Europe
  • Åse Bye, Business Manager Stationary Applications in PowerCell Sweden AB
  • Steffen Møller Holst, chairman of the board in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, and the Vice President Marketing, Hydrogen Technologies in SINTEF
  • Marius Holm, CEO in ZERO.
  • Daniel Ras-Vidal, CEO in Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm

The podcast episode is produced by Chul Christian Aamodt, CEO in enerWE.

The podcastepisode contains content marketing from the Norwegian Hydrogen Conference.

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