Energibransjens temapodcast fra enerWE


English version: The time for hydrogen is now! (Content Marketing)

The markets for hydrogen & fuel cell technology are rapidly expanding, and Europe is taking a lead. The Norwegian hydrogen business community is expanding into new ventures and applications and exciting new consortia are being created at a higher pace than ever. The aim for business and research both in Norway and Europe is to secure and expand the lead.

This week, the H2 value chain seminar gathered the best of industry, research and innovation throughout the hydrogen value chain in Norway and Europe. 

Interviews with:

  • Tomas Kåberger, Industrial Growth Executive for EIT InnoEnergy
  • Nils Røkke, Chairman, The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and Director of Sustainability, SINTEF
  • Johan Hustad, Director, NTNU Energy
  • Einar Kilde Evensen, SVP / Client Advisor, Renewables & Infrastructure at DNB
  • Kevin Gould, Senior Advisor, Global Markets, Corporate Strategy, Statkraft
  • Kathrine Ryengen, CEO, ZEG Power
  • Mikael Norlander, Head of R&D portfolio and Industry Decarbonization, Vattenfall
  • Åse Bye, Business manager, PowerCell
  • Chul Christian Aamodt, CEO, enerWE

Produced by Chul Christian Aamodt, CEO, enerWE.no.

This episode is sponsored by EIT InnoEnergy, SINTEF and NTNU.

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