Ending the Silence on Child Sexual Exploitation

  • IRAQ: Children forced into temporary marriages

    As a teenager, Rusul dropped out of school to work. It was tough, and after a while, she started dreaming of getting married. She wanted someone who could share the burden and provide for her. A man who had been coming to her store every day grabbed her attention, they got married. She thought the marriage was forever, but after a few weeks, he disappeared.In this episode, you will hear more about Rasul's journey, and how temporary marriages are used by perpertrators of trafficking.In reading: Iraqi children forced into temporary marriagesIraq: Daesh’s retreat uncovered horrific cases of child sexual abuseECPAT Country Overview Report Iraq - A report on the scale, scope and context of the sexual exploitation of children
  • GREECE: Children at high risk of sexual exploitation have nowhere to go

    A new report from ECPAt, warns that political and socioeconomic factors affecting Greece over a number of years have left children - especially unaccompanied child migrants - vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Over-stretched and inadequate government services and shelters for children sometimes leaves them fending for themselves and more likely to fall into the hands of child sex offenders. Here is a summary of the findings.