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Empire Longevity Podcast: Resistance for Change

Ep. 8
On this episode we talk with Jonathan Mcleod about the GREAT article 'Resistance Exercise Training as a Primary Countermeasure to Age-Related Chronic Disease' (highly recommended read)In this Empire Longevity talk we dive into the numerous ways the Resistance Exercise Training (RET) can benefit not only the muscles of your body, but can be effective in beating Type 2 Diabetes, Cancers, and Cardio vascular Disease.Give this one good listen.Jonathan Mcleod bio:Jonathan Mcleod is a second year PhD student in the department of kinesiology, at McMaster University. Jonathan received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physiology in 2016, and his Master of Science in Kinesiology– with an emphasis on exercise rehabilitation –in 2018, both from McMaster University. Currently, he is completing his PhD in the exercise metabolism research group, under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Phillips. His research focuses on understanding mechanisms of human skeletal muscle hypertrophy (i.e., resistance training) and skeletal muscle atrophy (i.e., single-leg immobilization), with an application of nutritional interventions – such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and dietary protein –to augment and/or mitigate these effects. Jonathan also works as a clinical research assistant at the Juravinski Cancer Centre, where he is helping to investigate the effects of an aerobic exercise program in women with Stage I – III breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy.