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TOP 10 most popular wedding dress models in 2021

Currently, on the market and studios, there are many different models of wedding dresses, very diverse in designs and materials. Choosing the right wedding dress models and keeping up with the hottest, latest and most modern trends always make brides have a headache. To untangle the brides, today we will introduce to you the TOP 10 hottest wedding dress models in 2021.

Princess Wedding Dress – turn into a princess in a fairy tale

The big day of the life of every bride wants to be as special as being the most important person, becoming the most beautiful person. And surely everyone wants to become a princess who is cherished, cherished, and especially has all of the above factors. That's why the princess wedding dress cannot be ignored in every bride's wish

The princess wedding dress models are stylized as diverse as beaded, off-shoulder, or busty, the material is also changed through each period of the most trending standards. But the standard form is still wedding dresses designed with the upper part hugging the body, the lower part spreading and floating, helping the bride to be gorgeous in front of everyone. The bride will be transformed into a princess on the big day of her life, isn't it great!

Fishtail wedding dress – Elegant wedding dress

The fishtail wedding dress is extremely elegant and noble. Designed to hug the body, revealing seductive curves, stylized beaded to enhance the beauty of the bride.

The style of the wedding dress that hugs the body and spreads from the waist down can help the bride become more confident, solving concerns for brides who do not have the desired bust. And because of the body-hugging design, brides with a slightly standard body should choose it!

A-line wedding dress – Light and trend-leading wedding dress

For brides who do not like the heaviness and discomfort of moving, there is an A-line wedding dress. This model brings comfort, lightness but no less aristocratic, luxurious, beautiful shimmering in the spotlight. Whether the design material is chiffon, soft fabric, silk…. or any material, the skirt is still close to the body, light, and easy to move and dance.

Wedding dress with bust - Sexy wedding dress

The model of the dress with the bust revealing the shoulders shows the charm of the brides, attracting all eyes. If the bride is the owner of slender shoulders and arms, the cup-shaped wedding dress is the right choice, because it can show off her beauty and help the bride stand out from the crowd. The cup-shaped wedding dress is both sexy and sophisticated, satisfying even the fastidious bride.

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