Embrace Therapy


Monica Phinney

Season 4, Ep. 3

Monica is a qualified and fully registered Dramatherapist from Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Heartwork Studio is her very own wellness service offering workshops to encourage overall wellness, using the arts- visual art, drama, movement, writing, and music. Her workshop topics cover things like relaxation, connection, identity, self esteem, healthy relationships, self care, boundaries, resiliency. Participants will explore these topics (and more!) through artistic and creative activities, with the guidance of a facilitator.​She specializes in using theatre and roleplay alongside other expressive arts to achieve therapeutic and educational goals. Her past roles include engaging the arts in hospitals, nonprofit organizations, theatres, schools, and most recently on a feature film set. Robert Greene's Procession is, a film, created with six men (Dan Laurine, Joe Eldred, Mike Foreman, Tom Viviano, Ed Gavagan, and Michael Sandridge) who were abused by Catholic priests and clergy. It is a collaborative exercise in trauma recovery. Dramatherapist Monica Phinney defines the role of Dramatherapy in this context as “the intentional use of dramatic theater and role-play for a therapeutic goal” and knew that this process wasn't going to be easy on the survivors who would go onto "produce their own short films reflecting on their abuse, with the goal of reclaiming those memories and offering protection to their inner children" writes reviewer Lovia for the Hollywood ReporterThis November, 26th Soearth Projects will host a screening of Procession and live panel discussion with Robert Greene, Mike Foreman and Monica Phinney followed by a performance (debriefing) by Full Circle Playback Theatre Company. You can log in from anywhere in the world, tickets for the panel discussion and performance can be purchased here.


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Friday, December 30, 2022

Eithne McAdam - Art Therapist

Season 4, Ep. 4
Eithne McAdam is an experienced therapist in the area of service development, adult mental health, addiction and homelessness. She is also a qualified clinical supervisor and an accredited member of IACAT. Eithne McAdam is a practicing Art Therapist and one of the senior members of the Creative Therapy Service within First Fortnight.First Fortnight, provide the highest standard of free Creative Therapies to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness, affected by mental ill health or dual diagnosis. Founded in 2009, First Fortnight staged its first two-week arts festival in 2012.First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action within Ireland.First Fortnight Child and Adolescent Creative Therapy Service9 Berkeley Street,Dublin 7 cactus@firstfortnight.ieFirst Fortnight Centre for CreativeHaven House,Morning Star Ave,Dublin 7cat@firstfortnight.ieFYI First Fortnight's Therapeutic Services Manager, Patricia Bourke D'Souza who Eithne mentioned is an accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist (MIACP, MIAHIP) and Supervisor (MIACP) and accredited Somatic Trauma Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor.This years festival will be taking place from 6th - 15th January#FirstFortnight23 The very popular Therapy Sessions will be coming to Dublin, Wexford and Belfast this January.The renowned poet Stephen James Smith is back to MC and curate the programme. Therapy Sessions is a staple of the First Fortnight Festival, and promises an evening of music, spoken word and positivity. Stephen will be joined by a variety of wonderful artists in a night that is not to be missed!“Therapy Sessions is a powerful, moving, reciprocal dynamic of connectivity. A very special bond that cannot be emulated online and I am very excited for us all to be able to witness once again, the special moments this event gifts us all.”Stephen James Smith
Sunday, September 25, 2022

Monica Metzler

Season 4, Ep. 2
Monica provides sliding-scale, expressive arts therapy for individuals, couples, and families of all configurations. Sessions are accessible to all regardless of income or insurance. She works collaboratively and often use creative interventions to process unresolved emotions and experiences.Monica takes a family systems lens, and respects each person's autonomy while also recognizing the dynamic ways family systems, society, and culture shape us. Currently Monica works MY VOICE MUSIC (MVM) as the Outreach Program Coordinator and Program Leader. I run many of the “Music-In-Therapy” (MIT) groups in residential treatment centers, where I work with youth who are recovering from trauma.Monica uses music as a therapeutic tool to transform difficult emotions and trauma into a positive, empowering experience. Monica is a life-long musician, songwriter, performer, and producer. She's a project oriented person who likes to collaborate and build on creative ideas with others. You can usually find her in the outdoors spending time with her dog and partner, cooking delicious meals, and laughing loudly with family and friends. More on Forest Veil: Forest Veil is the moniker of Portland based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, Monica Metzler. Forest Veil makes dynamic music that maps the emotional terrain of humanity and its place in the cosmos. Forest Veil’s music showcases poise and masterful musicality with a distinct psych-folk sound.Ritual Light (EP) is Metzler’s eight release and fourth with Spirit House Records, the label she co-founded with musician Johanna Warren in 2016. Forest Veil's music has been synched in Coach ads, movies, and TV shows such as NBC’s The Black List. An avid guitarist for over 20 years, Metzler also plays clarinet, piano, synths, and percussion. She currently plays drums in the all femme band, The Pool Boys. 
Friday, April 29, 2022

Sarah West

Season 3, Ep. 10
Sarah West, MPA, BA(Hons), DKATI - Sarah is a graduate from The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. Environmental Arts Therapy is Sarah's specialization - a modality akin to earth therapy and nature therapy. She is a professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association as well as a climate-aware therapist with the Climate Psychology Alliance. Environmental arts therapy is an intentionally structured and accompanied process that uses creative methods in relationship with the earth to support our wellbeing.  It can involve many different ways of creating, such as movement, writing, and making art.  This can be done spontaneously, or we’ll offer suggestions for what could be created. In this process, we connect with our full selves - body, mind, spirit. We set our intentions, we form a question we’d like an answer to. We walk, we move, we watch for the land “speaking back.” We go towards what we’re drawn to. We create with what’s on hand, however feels comfortable. We notice what plants or animals or natural synchronicities might arise. We see what emerges and what it might say to us. We feel the effect of working with traditional, recycled or natural art materials, and in that way, come into a greater sense of knowing the land that surrounds us.  This creative process can result in what is called earth art or eco artwork. In practice, nature therapy, forest therapy, earth therapy, and ecological art therapy are all closely related. You can find out more about Sarah on her website https://www.earthenvision.com