Embrace Therapy

A Podcast Encouraging Good Mental Hygiene

In this podcast you will hear from qualified therapists and mental health care professionals themselves, as they share stories, insight and research on how embracing therapy is positive for ones mental health. The Embrac

Bill Ahessy

Season 3, Ep. 5
Bill Ahessy is a senior music therapist working with older adults/dementia care and with children & adolescents with additional needs. He sat on the executive council of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists for two years. He also runs a supervision practice for music therapists. Is a lecturer, clinical placement supervisor and researcher.Bill has been involved in researching since he graduated. He worked for one year as a lead clinical researcher on a randomised control trial, funded by the Meath Foundation, which was presented at the European Congress of Music Therapy and published in theJournal of Music and Medicine. He was also awarded a research grant by the Irish Hospice Foundation exploring music therapy in palliative care. His publications include peer-reviewed articles in International and Irish Journals and contributioms to three books on music therapy, the lastest a chapter on LGBTQIA+ ageing for the the Oxford Handbook of Queer and Trans Music Therapy.Here are links to some recent publications of Bill's : article mentioned in the podcast by Bill :