cover art for Episode 2 - Jon Watkins, Daljit Sokhi and Richard Schwartz

Elements of Tungsten

Episode 2 - Jon Watkins, Daljit Sokhi and Richard Schwartz

Season 1, Ep. 2

The founders of Tungsten Publishing,  Jon Watkins, Daljit Sokhi and Richard Schwartz, talk us through how the company was built and the core values they as a team continue to build upon.

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  • 3. Episode 3 - Stephan Slater

    Head of Design Stephan Slater talks us through all the design elements across the Tungsten Publishing publications, Global Custodian and The TRADE.
  • Elements of Tungsten - Introduction

    Introducing Elements of Tungsten - The podcast that dives into the business of magazine publishing, from the perspective of the Tungsten Publishing team. Here we discuss how we put together our magazines Global Custodian and The TRADE and discuss wider ranging topics from business development to diversity in the industry.
  • 1. Episode 1 - Hayley McDowell

    Interview with The TRADE's Editor Hayley McDowell. She talks about her journey into journalism and her thoughts on diversity in the industry.