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Entry Level Christianity 07-07-2024

Season 1, Ep. 15

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  • 16. ELC 2024-07-14

    Embracing the Divine Council Worldview: Insights from David EdwardHello everyone, and welcome to Entry Level Christianity. I'm your host, David Edward. Today, we continue our journey into the Divine Council worldview and explore its profound implications.Understanding the Divine Council WorldviewLast week, we delved into what the Divine Council worldview is and how it offers a unique perspective on the meaning of life—a concept that has perplexed humanity for ages. This worldview, based on the work of Michael Heiser, provides a well-vetted and legitimate perspective. Heiser, who passed away in February 2023, left behind a wealth of knowledge through his books, which I highly recommend.The Meaning of LifeIn our previous discussion, I shared that the meaning of life, according to this worldview, is to qualify for a purpose: to join God on His Divine Council. This realization allows us to make sense of many things that once seemed confusing. The meaning of life isn't something hidden or cryptic; it's a call to embrace our role in spiritual warfare and strive for a position in God's Divine Council.The Ten Commandments RevisitedLet's start with the Ten Commandments. These timeless principles have become somewhat of a cultural dichotomy. While they are widely recognized, their deeper significance often gets lost in modern society. Today, we'll re-examine these commandments through the lens of the Divine Council worldview.No Other Gods Before MeThis commandment often gets misinterpreted as evidence of God's jealousy or the existence of multiple gods. However, within the Divine Council worldview, it makes perfect sense. God, Yahweh, the uncreated one, is the supreme being among other lesser gods. Our purpose is to align with Him, as we are aspiring to join His Divine Council.The commandment is not about God's insecurity but about our commitment to Him. It emphasizes our unique position in the divine hierarchy and our direct relationship with the supreme being. We are not to be distracted or led astray by other entities or idols; our loyalty and focus should be solely on Yahweh.In understanding this commandment, we also recognize a profound privilege: we have a direct path to the divine, without intermediaries. This underscores our high position within the divine plan, highlighting the trust and responsibility bestowed upon us.No Carved ImagesThe commandment against making carved images or idols may seem outdated, but its essence is crucial. In today's world, anything can become an idol—careers, relationships, material possessions. The Divine Council worldview emphasizes the importance of focusing on God, the uncreated one, rather than any physical representation or worldly pursuit.Creating a carved image can lead to worshiping the image itself rather than the divine it represents. This can cause confusion and misdirect our devotion. The focus should always be on the uncreated God, and anything that distracts from that is detrimental to our spiritual journey.Moreover, this commandment speaks to the deeper concept of idolatry in our lives. It's not just about physical idols but about anything that takes precedence over our relationship with God. By understanding this, we can better prioritize our spiritual commitments and avoid the pitfalls of modern idolatry.