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375: Congregating For The Many Saints Of Newark

The SCU (Sopranos Cinematic Universe) expands with the release, in theaters and on HBO Max, of the prequel film The Many Saints Of Newark, and Rolling StoneSenior TV Critic/certified Sopranologist Alan Sepinwall is here to discuss it with us! Around The Dial takes us through The Problem With Jon StewartOur Kind Of PeopleMaid, and the Working Girl TV series adaptation. Rebecca uses her Extra Credit topic to have us remove and recast disgraced stars from their TV vehicles to make them palatable again. Alan presents the Columbo episode "An Exercise In Fatality" for induction into the Canon. Then after naming the week's Winner and Loser, we're pulling off the turnpike for a New Jersey-themed Non-Regulation Game Time! Find your pew and join us!

Show Topics

  • The Many Saints Of Newark
  • ATD: The Problem With Jon Stewart
  • ATD: Our Kind Of People
  • ATD: Maid
  • ATD: Working Girl
  • Extra Credit: Bad Apples
  • The Canon: Columbo S04.E01: An Exercise In Fatality
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: Back To The Garden State

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388: Non-Regulation Game Time, Times Three!

So...the original plan was to watch the 1979 miniseriesBackstairs At The White House-- even though, at nine hours, it's longer than some actual series are these days. Then Dave and Tara got less than half an hour into it and pulled the plug. Dan -- who did watch it -- tells us what we missed, but then we just roll on past that to a trio of Non-Regulation Game Times! Who knows the most about TV actors who share names with U.S. presidents, and about original songs from TV episodes, AND about reunion movies made years after the series that spawned them went off the air? This special episode's games leave no one in doubt!Show TopicsDan briefly describes the miniseriesBackstairs At The White HouseNon-Regulation Game Time: His Name Is My Name TooNon-Regulation Game Time: Tube Tunes VIIINon-Regulation Game Time: TV ReunionsShow NotesDan Cassino on TwitterPhoto: XXXXDiscussionTweet at us@ExtraHotPodcast on TwitterWe are@ExtraHotGreat on InstagramSupport EHG on PatreonThe EHG gang have been recording this podcast for almost a decade now. In podcasting terms, that makes us positively Methuselahian. Since the start of EHG, our listeners have asked if we had a tip jar or donation system and we'd look at each other and say surely that is a joke, people don't pay other people to do podcasts. We'd email them back "Ha ha ha, good one, Chet" and go about our business. Now we are told this is a real thing that real nice people do. Value for value? In today's topsy turvy world? It's madness but that good kind of madness, like when you wake up at 3:15am and clean your house. Or something. In all seriousness, we are humbled by your continued prodding to get a Patreon page up for EHG and here it is!Extra Hot Great on Patreon

386: Coming Home To Being The Ricardos

Being The Ricardos, Aaron Sorkin's latest project as a big-screen writer-director is...also very much a small-screen project, so we are claiming it. Look, it'saboutTV (specifically, the stars and making ofI Love Lucy) and it's kind ofonTV (members can stream it for free on Amazon Prime Video), so IT COUNTS. Anyway: joining us for the discussion is actual film critic Tim Grierson! Around The Dial takes us through film-to-TV adaptationFinding Magic Mike; TV-to-film-back-to-TV adaptationMacGruber;Insecure;How To With John Wilson;Dead Asleep; andLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit. John Potts asks us to choose a TV getaway for our next imaginary holiday. Ilan brings us back to the TV-to-movie pipeline with a Canon presentation onThe Simpsonsepisode "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie. Then we name the week's Winner and Loser before closing out with a Game Time that really decks the halls. No need to arrange a multi-cam setup: this podcast is for your ears only!Show TopicsBeing The RicardosATD:Finding Magic MikeATD:MacGruberATD:InsecureATD:How To With John WilsonATD:Dead AsleepATD:Law & Order: Special Victims UnitExtra Credit: TV GetawaysThe Canon:The SimpsonsS04.E06: Itchy & Scratchy: The MovieWinner and Loser of the WeekGame Time: The Caroling Burnett Show IIShow NotesTim Grierson on Twitter"Aaron Sorkin Defends ‘Being the Ricardos’ Casting Decisions" atThe Hollywood Reporter"What's Fact and What's Fiction inBeing The RicardosTara's interview with Gloria Calderón Kellett at DeciderTim atScreen InternationalTim at MelTim's book,This Is How You Make A Movie, at The Last BookshopSarah'sDead Asleepreview at Best EvidencePhoto: Amazon StudiosDiscussionTweet at us@ExtraHotPodcast on TwitterWe are@ExtraHotGreat on Instagram