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Interview: Tutankhamun's World (with Prof. Nozomu Kawai)

An interview with Nozomu Kawai, Professor of Egyptology at Kanazawa University, Japan. In this episode, we discuss the background of Tutankhamun's reign and family; and get to grips with some of the people who have appeared in the podcast (e.g. Maia, Sennedjem, and Userhat Hatiay). Prof. Kawai is an expert on this period, and his insights have been wonderful.

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153c: The Tomb of Tutankhamun (Part 3)

Coffins, Masks, and a Mummy. Within his Burial Chamber, Tutankhamun slept amid gold, glass, wood, and precious stone. His mummy is an extraordinary find, covered with ornaments, amulets, ceremonial clothing, and even weapons. From the famous image of his mummy mask, to a dagger made of "sky rock," the King's body reveals many tantalising stories...Episode Chapters:Eight: In the House of Tutankhamun 00:00:10Nine: The Face of the Pharaoh 00:31:15Epilogue: A Curious Dagger 01:02:35Episode LinksNicholas Reeves' discussions of the Mummy mask, and its possible ownership. Article 1, 2015, and Article 2, 2015.For the full archive of Harry Burton’s photographs, showing the tomb of Tutankhamun in its original state, see the Griffith Institute website.Date: 1922 CE.Logo image: Tutankhamun and the Royal Ka before Osiris. FactumArte.Music by Keith Zizza by Michael Levy by Ancient Lyric interludes by Luke Chaos mixing/editing by Vincent Cavanagh.See other shows from the Agora Podcast Network.Episode details:Date: c. 1922 CEKing: Neb-kheperu-Ra Tut-ankh-AmunLogo image:Music by Keith Zizza Michael Levy by Ancient Lyric interludes by Luke Chaos mixing/editing by Vincent CavanaghSee other shows from the Agora Podcast Network