The History of Egypt Podcast


Interview: Egyptian Heritage, with Heba abd el Gawad

Heba Abd el Gawad is an exhibition curator, public outreach specialist and researcher in Egyptian heritage within museum contexts. She is the postdoctoral researcher for the project ‘Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage: Views from Egypt’ at the Institute of Archaeology, University College of London, in addition to many other important works. Heba joins the History of Egypt Podcast to discuss public outreach, museum communication and accessibility, and the cultural heritage of Egypt and its people. For more information about the projects discussed in this interview, see the following links: Egypt's Dispersed Heritage project on Twitter and Facebook, the Manchester Museum Podcast "Who Owns Egyptian heritage?" Manchester Museum, Arabic Digital Comics during COVID 19, and "Fayoum Human Remains Your mummies, Their Ancestors," a webinar on the ethics of displaying and researching human remains in partnership with Egypt Exploration Society and Everyday Orientalist Music by Keith Zizza