The History of Egypt Podcast


162: The Chosen One

Revisionist history in the age of pharaohs. King Horemheb (“Horus in Celebration”) came to power in unusual circumstances. To justify his rule, the new pharaoh set about “retelling” his origins. In a lengthy story, Horemheb cast himself as one chosen by the gods, and destined to rule…

Episode details:

  • Date: c. 1330 BCE.
  • Intro Music & Interludes: Luke Chaos.
  • Intro Music & Interludes: Keith Zizza.
  • Outro Music: Bettina Joy de Guzman.
  • Read "The Reign of Horemheb," PhD Thesis by K.M. Bryson at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Logo image: Horemheb and Horus, in the King's tomb (KV57).
  • Booklet: No booklet for this episode, as it describes text only.


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