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153d: The Tomb of Tutankhamun (Part 4)

Curses and Controversies. From the moment they announced their discovery, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were faced with overwhelming attention. How they responded, and how they chose to approach the excavation, would have a major impact on public perception of the tomb. And, when events took a tragic turn, the media were happy to capitalise on the issue...

Episode Chapters:

  • Chapter 10: The Choices of Lord Carnarvon 00:05:10.
  • Chapter 11: Journey to the Crossroads 00:25:30
  • Chapter 12: Of Bricks and Lost Portraits 00:48:48

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157: The Road to Kadesh

Keeping up with the Kadeshians. In the past, historians thought the Egyptian government was passive (or even "pacifist") in the days of Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, and Ay. However, newer research has proved this wrong. We now have a fragmentary, but fascinating picture of warfare and diplomacy, taking place through Canaan and Syria. The town of Kadesh, on the Orontes River, is prominent. Once a vassal to pharaoh, the city suffered an attack by Hittite forces. It then changed sides, paying tribute to Suppiluliuma, King of the Land of Hatti. In the later years of Tutankhamun, or the early reign of Ay, the Egyptians responded to Kadesh's treachery...Episode details:Date: c.1334 BCE (debated).Kings: Tutankhamun and Ay (debated).Battle scene of Tutankhamun: learn more in a free lecture by W. Raymond Johnson (YouTube). Battle reliefs discussion begins at 51:29.Episode logo: A statue, presumed to be Ay, in the Staatliche Museum, Berlin. Image upscaled, cropped, and edited.Music: "War Song," by Bettina Joy de Guzman Used with permission.Music: "King Tut's Song," by Jeffrey Goodman Used with permission.Sistrum sound effect by Hathor Systrum Used with permission.Additional music interludes by Luke Chaos references and images related to this and other episodes, visit the show at, or with a donation.