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145b: Funding the Regime

Gold in them hills. Tut'ankhamun is famous for his gold. But where did it come from? And how did the pharaoh pay for his costly Restoration project? In this episode, we briefly explore some records for Tut’ankhamun’s gold miners and how they obtained that precious yellow metal… Date: c. 1336 BCE, Music by Keith Zizza. Music by Jeffrey Goodman. Audio mixing/editing by Vincent Cavanagh. See other shows from the Agora Podcast Network.

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149: The King's Men

Maya, Ay, Horemheb, and others. The men who served King Tut'ankhamun were unusually prominent and powerful. The Overseer of the Treasury (Maya), the Supreme General (Horemheb) and the highest courtier (Ay) may have divided power among themselves. Why were they so powerful? The youth of Tut'ankhamun, and developments in royal power since the reign of Akhenaten, may have weakened the authority or influence of the individual ruler. This was the next phase in an ongoing trend, as the power of the pharaohs evolved over time...Epilogue: We meet the King's servants, including his personal scribe (Iny); his personal driver (Per-aa-neheh); and the chief manager of the palaces (Ipy).Episode details:Date: c. 1334 BCE.King: Neb-kheperu-Ra Tut-ankh-Amun.Logo: Statue of Horemheb, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Music by Keith Zizza by Ancient Lyric interludes by Luke Chaos mixing/editing by Vincent Cavanagh.Hear additional music on my Spotify Playlist.Support the Show at other shows from the Agora Podcast Network.The History of Egypt Podcast endorses RA EGYPTIAN, the clean, natural skincare line with products derived from ancient Egyptian sources. Use the checkout code EGYPT to enjoy 30% off your order.