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Fear, Fate & Flow with Michael Dash

Ep. 49

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of Chasing The High, business coach, recovering addict, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium and MD Coaching and Mentoring where he works with entrepreneurs helping them streamline their businesses while increasing profits and helping them find clarity, consistency and connection allowing them to step into the true leader they were meant to be. He is the co-founder of the Activated.Life, a social movement focused on inspiring a culture of positivity, authenticity, passion, empathy, and resilience while giving back to others. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kind.

In today’s episode, Michael talks to Monique about various addictions including work, gambling, cocaine, marijuana and adderall just to name a few. He worked harder and longer than anyone he knew and built a $5.5 million dollar a year company. He started resenting the very business he built. He was not fulfilled so after 11 years he made a change and sold out not knowing where his next paycheck would come from. He realized that true fulfillment is helping others in relatable situations change their lives.  


[1:25] -  Monique introduces her guest, Michael Dash.

[1:40] - Who are you? What do you do? And where are you right now?

  • I am a magical human being full of positive energy.
  • I'm in Tulum, Mexico right now.
  • I've been on an entrepreneurial path through most of my life.

[4:58] - Michael shares his background, habits and routines.

[7:07] - How did you get started?

  • I got started when I was very young, 11 years old, my uncle introduced me to gambling.

[16:37] - How was your journey of giving up gambling and giving up drug dealing, taking drugs? What was the hardest part?

  • The hardest part is disassociating yourself with people that you believe in your mind are friends of yours.
  • Removing yourself from that environment is a key to changing your future.

[22:50] - Michael talks about how he learned the energy flow.

[44:50] - How do you use the concept of flow to build your habits?

  • When it comes to habits, I'm a big believer in getting into what I call it the habit of habit making.

[50:12] - Can you give three tips to the people out there, how to not slip back into unhealthy habits.

  • Move your body every single day.
  • Work your brain.
  • Stay connected. 

[52:37] -  What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Efficiency actually means allowing flow to provide inspiration to provide output. 





Efficiency actually means allowing flow to provide inspiration to provide output. - Michael Dash.

When you have expectations on things, then that's automatically tying your emotions up. - Michael Dash.





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  • 53. Shining, Storytelling & Speaking your Truth with Jaya Rose

    Jaya Rose is a Speaking & Visibility Brand Growth Coach for Transformational Leaders and Creator of the Speak Your Truth Movement. She helps you create your Movement message, master Storytelling & become an Embodied Speaker.Jaya lives in Portland Oregon with her husband Jonathan, 7 yr old daughter Ava and Goldendoodle Charlie! She loves working out, dancing to reggae and cooking the yummiest vegetarian food.In today’s episode, Jaya talks to Monique about coaches, empaths and healers of the world are the new paradigm of leadership we have been waiting for, and that now it is more important than ever to claim your movement, share your story and speak your truth - creating a ripple effect of positive Global Impact!HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:24] - Monique introduces her guest, Jaya Rose.[2:49] -  Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing?I don't have a story of hitting rock bottom and having an identity crisis. I've always had a strong intuition. I've always known what my next step was, I've always been decisive. I've always been an entrepreneur. The biggest thing I needed to overcome was to allow myself to be all of what I am.[5:37] - Jaya talks about a few of the times that her light frightened her.[10:47] - What is your experience where you put things out, and you were so sure and then people just perceive that so differently?When I'm putting something out, I would say my Achilles heel is not a worry, or a recognition that someone is perceiving it differently. It's what they think of me, it's that I'm not good enough. If someone's taking me away that I didn't intend I see it as their own thing.[15:46] - Where have been those moments that you actually allowed yourself to be that light and to show up fully?Every time I put myself out, it always builds up a bit of that muscle, that vulnerability muscle, and that confidence of being willing to do it again.[27:32] -  Did your parents kind of choose most of the parts of your name?The spiritual group chose Jaya.[32:48] - I want to talk with you about your work and how you get people to actually step into that power and the light so they can show up authentically.I've helped people in a lot of different places.[36:42] - Where do most people go wrong there?I think there is this expectation, and it's all sort of mushed together.[41:25] - Do you work primarily with women? Or do you also take men on?I do work primarily with women. I think I've worked with a few like a handful of men.[42:27] - What do you think my clientele looks like?I think men would be comfortable with you.[1:00:08] - If you would have to tell someone your three top tips for stepping up into the light shining bright claiming their power to be more visible, what would you tell them?Take action immediately.Pay attention to the signs and to the energy that you receive back  and what comes next. Just keep going.[1:01:16] -  What does efficiency mean to you?It means feeling good.[1:01:30] - If you could have me ask you anything that I didn't ask today, but that you feel like someone should ask you. What would that be?What's your why?AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEGuidebook: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEI've always known what my next step was, I've always been decisive. I've always been an entrepreneur. - Jaya Rose.The biggest thing I needed to overcome was to allow myself to be all of what I am. - Jaya Rose.Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. - Marianne Williamson.FIND MORE ABOUT JAYA ROSE HERE.Website:
  • 52. Politics, Perceptions and Peace-Making with Doug Noll

    Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA left a successful career as a trial lawyer to become a peacemaker. His calling is to serve humanity, and he executes his calling at many levels. He is an award-winning author, teacher, and trainer. He is a highly experienced mediator. Doug’s work carries him from international work to helping people resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts.In today’s episode, Doug talks to Monique about his work as a mediator and peacemaker, forcing him to confront human emotion straight on. After all, conflict is all about emotion. He discovered how to listen to others into existence. That led him to training inmates serving life sentences how to be peacemakers in maximum security prisons and then teaching his skills at the highest levels of government in Washington, D.C.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[2:02] - Monique introduces her guest, Doug Noll.[2:33] - How do we know that a person is actually a narcissist? They don't have a clue.We all are narcissists. We can't be healthy without a certain amount of narcissism.[3:06] - 2 types of narcissist:Overt and maladaptive narcissist.[12:47] - Doug talks about how he started as a peacemaker.[23:17] - Doug talks about law enforcement.[32:28] - Monique and Doug talk about the differences of Police brutality in the U.S and Germany.[46:47] - Doug explains the big deal of beliefs.[47:29] - Monique and Doug talk about flat earth society.[56:12] - How we can talk to politically polarized people?The number one rule and listening and talking to or being with a politically polarized person is you're not going to talk, you got to listen.[1:03:15] - Doug talks about how to get people who have these entrenched beliefs.[1:09:38] -  What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency is generally using the least amount of energy to get the most done. [1:10:16] - If someone is in the middle of a huge conflict, and they want to make peace, what's the three things that you would give them on the way?Bring in a professional, you find a professional Peacemaker mediator to come in and help.Recognize that all conflicts are highly emotional.Hold as much compassion as you can, for the people you're in conflict with.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODE“Try to hold as much compassion as you can, for the people you're in conflict with.” - Doug Noll.“Efficiency is generally using the least amount of energy to get the most done.” - Doug Noll.FIND MORE ABOUT DOUG NOLL HERE.Website:
  • 51. Resilience, Re-Orientation & Repurposing with Megan Dougherty

    Megan Dougherty is the co-founder of One Stone Creative, a multi-media content agency that specializes in podcasts and online courses. She has been working in digital marketing and online business development for over a decade and has had the privilege of working with hundreds of business owners in a wide variety of industries. She lives in Gatineau, Quebec, and when she's not thinking about podcast strategy, she likes to grow vegetables and watch disaster movies.In today’s episode, Megan talks to Monique about how she started in the industry on the basis of being a business school drop-out. (she was a baker before getting into marketing!) She never set out to be a podcast producer - it all started with a random phone call from an old co-worker.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:43] - Monique introduces her guest, Megan Dougherty.[2:57] - Tell us who are you? What do you do?My name is Megan Dougherty and I run one stone creative, which is a multimedia content agency. We specialize in creating podcasts for small business owners, department heads, small companies.[6:02] - Why did you become a baker first and how did you transition and why?I really liked the bakery, that's a really pleasant type of work. I happen to go onto Craigslist, and then I happen to be the kind of person that this entrepreneur was looking for.[10:30] -  So what was your biggest challenge from making pie all day long and then starting with this entrepreneur.That was the biggest challenge, I think for me it wasn't even that I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even know I couldn't begin to imagine all of the things that I didn't know. [15:49] - Megan talks about when she started to notice the hideous patterns.[26:52] - You just talked about how your former colleague called you and asked you to form a business together. And you just said yes. Did you know what business? No, I figured it would be something in the marketing space because my business partner's background was in commercial radio production.[27:57] - Megan talks about how she actually started the podcast.[30:05] - What if I want to monetize my account and or get people who listened to it to buy my stuff. What am I going to do?The nice thing is it's never too late to start adding structure.[34:24] - So what is your favorite way to monetize podcasts?I find that the fastest and the path to ROI that feels the best with podcasting is  a networking tool.[36:50] - I do want to dive a little bit into this online course part because you mentioned that you don't actually do online courses, unless you can be really picky about it.The way in which I'm really picky is I need to be absolutely certain in my own heart that someone's going to make money on it.[38:31] - What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency definitely means getting the either most or best benefit out of work done.[39:14] - If you had to give the top three tips for using a podcast as a business strategy, which one would that be?You're the boss of your podcast.Repurpose. But don't be lazy about it.Be consistent.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook 1: 2: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEEfficiency happens for me when I figure out what I want to happen before I do a thing. - Megan Dougherty.Choose your battles and choose your moments. - Megan Dougherty.Your idea is as good as anyone else's until it's proven. - Megan Dougherty.FIND MORE ABOUT MEGAN DOUGHERTY HERE.Website:
  • 50. Masks, Media & Maniacs with Daniel Gefen

    Daniel went from jumping on classroom tables and getting detention for wanting attention to impacting millions of people in his underwear.He went from being completely invisible with no online following to growing his top rated podcast to over 250,000 downloads, interviewing billionaires and world class leaders and becoming an international bestselling author in less than 2 years.After being pitched hundreds of times by lazy PR agencies he launched Gefen Media Group - one of the first podcast booking agencies and helped influential authors sell hundreds of thousands of books by getting them on top rated podcasts.Seeing a gap in the market for people who couldn't afford to hire a booking agency, he launched - a platform for guests and hosts to easily connect.In today’s episode, Daniel talks to Monique about outsourcing his entire company to a competitor, Grew it out of a Hotel Lobby for a year, went from invisible online to becoming a celebrity in his space in less than 2 years, wrote a book about self help addiction and became a number 1 best seller.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:37] - Monique introduces her guest, Daniel Gefen.[4:59] - Where did you go to school?I went to a school called Hasmonean High School.  I was the class clown. [7:39] - Do you think you felt like you had to hide something?I feel like most people wear masks.Depending on who you're with.[10:38] - Daniel talks about an analogy of heaven and hell.[15:01] - What was the journey as a child?I have a hard time being told to do things that to me doesn't make sense.[20:32] - Daniel talks about his problem when he started doing the podcast.[25:05] - Daniel talks about how he got into podcast booking services.[37:29] - Daniel explains how you can actually grow your podcast.[45:33] - Daniel talks about his experience while interviewing Robert Kiyosaki.[47:37] - What do you think triggered Robert Kiyosaki to go off like that on you?I think I pushed a little bit on some sensitive points.But hey, it's my show. [49:57] - What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency to me means doing what you love, and outsourcing everything else.[50:06] - Can you share tips that they should definitely know.Don't overthink, just start producing.Not worry about what everyone else is doing. Just do whatever it is that you want to do.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook: Breathing: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEWhat you think about me has nothing to do with me. Everyone's just coming with their own background with their own masks. - Daniel GefenIf we each give to each other, we're going to get, but if we're trying to just get, then we're not going to get anything. - Daniel GefenEfficiency to me means doing what you love, and outsourcing everything else. - Daniel GefenFIND MORE ABOUT DANIEL GEFEN HERE.Website:
  • 48. Time, TV & The Truth - with Monique Lindner

    Monique Lindner is a High Performance & Leadership specialist, TEDx speaker, and location-independent entrepreneur. Her clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like Apple. She works with business leaders and CEOs and their teams of up to 160 people in helping them to optimize their efficiency, build solid leadership skills, improve their mindset, and create massive impact. With her unique The T.I.M.E. Method® and her tagline ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’, she is on a mission to help business owners take back control of their time and energy and grow impactful businesses.In today’s episode, Monique talks about how to ‘Slow down to Speed up‘ as she firmly believes that if you can not take easily two weeks, or even just two days, off without turning into a nervous wreck, then it’s time for a change!HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:24] - Today is our one year anniversary of the podcast, Efficiency on Demand.[2:45] - What are the best thing that you can do to help and support us.[4:00] -  From next solo episode, I will choose those ratings reviews, we will draw them and we will read them out and we probably have some little gifts for you to send out.[6:12] - Many people reach out and asked me why I don't share more about my time method?[6:53] - My book is not only about how you can save time, how you can be more efficient. But it's really actually about how you can get rid of toxicity in your life.[7:18] - I have hired a marketing coach to just help me bring my message a little bit further into this world.[8:34] - In this solo episode you're going to hear a lot about time, the four pillars of the time method. Time managementImpactful leadershipMindset mastery Energy efficiency[10:21] - Let’s go dive a little bit into the book.[16:32] - I'm certainly not a person who supports the law of attraction. [17:02] -  Why is time so important, though?[19:54] - Seven years ago, I have consciously decided to stop watching any TV, movies, Netflix, anything. I want to spend my time not being brainwashed by certain ideas.[23:40] - Where do you really want to spend your time?AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEI'm certainly not a person who supports the law of attraction. - Monique LindnerI live every day I get to experience as if it was a new life, one life a day, that's all I got, that's all you got. - Monique LindnerThe problem is that we think we have time, we think that we somehow own time for as long as we live. But we don't actually know how long that will be. - Monique LindnerFIND MORE ABOUT MONIQUE LINDNER HERE.Website:
  • 47. Soviet Union, Self Concept & Standing your Ground with Yuri Kruman

    Yuri is the CEO of HR, Talent & Systems Consulting, an award-winning HR consultancy. As a certified SHRM-SCP, he is likewise a sought-after speaker and expert on HR, Digital Transformation and Employee Experience (EX). He is also a Forbes Coaches Council member and contributor to Entrepreneur,, Influencive and several other top platforms. He has consulted and spoken at numerous Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies, VC-backed startups, and top universities, including EY, Google, Columbia and UPenn. In addition, his executive leadership coaching practice has impacted thousands of top executives. He is the author of the forthcoming book, "Be Your Own Commander-in-Chief," (Ideapress Publishing, 2021).In today’s episode, Yuri talks to Monique about making mistakes in every area of his life through inefficiency and stubbornness, then has to unwind the damage through the right mindset and learning and implementing methods of efficiency.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:12] - Monique introduces her guest, Yuri Kruman.[1:29] - I want to know  who you are, where are you from, and what do you do?I do HR consulting.I do executive coaching.I write as well, I speak.[7:24] - Share with me about the Soviet Union that you have experienced.It was a place that had its own very specific rules.I just kind of grew up with that awareness like, “keep it to yourself, don't rely on anyone else. Don't ask anyone for help because you don't want to be beholden to anyone”.[12:45] - Yuri talks about Semitism.[17:53] - So do you think there should be more conversations about how anti Semitism looks these days? And how can we change that?The trouble with anti semitism, it's always rearing its ugly head.If you really dig what it is, that's the modern anti-Semitism.[21:25] - How was it for you, as a nine year old?I was probably a little bit too serious even for a Soviet kid.My childhood was anything but conventional.[26:55] - Yuri talks about his experiences having a Russian identity and American identity.[52:01] - What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency is basically more or less cutting away all the junk and all the wrong people and leaving whatever is left in some kind of digestible order that can allow you to maybe get sleep once in a while.[53:37] - Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?Time management.Block out the wrong things.Go back to default lenses.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook 1: 2: 3: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEIf you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you. - Yuri KrumanSometimes you have to leave a little bit of room open, for something new, for something unusual, for something that it's not rational to engage with that person. - Yuri KrumanEnergy efficiency for me is everything about getting rid of the toxicity in your life, whether that's materialistic or people. - Monique LindnerFIND MORE ABOUT YURI KRUMAN HEREWebsite:
  • 46. Evolving, Expanding & Energy

    Former 'big law' attorney turned wellness entrepreneur and as well as a certified usui reiki master and transformational coach to top performers, Danielle Sunberg left the traditional definition of success behind to travel the world and discover what truly made her happy. She shares the wisdom she had learned about the nature of the mind and the heart to help people tap into the genius that lives within themselves and align their lives with who they are and what they want.As an attorney, I was depressed and saw doctors who prescribed meds. In the west, we pathologize everything and I saw it as a sickness. Leaving my home and culture behind to explore the world, I realized that it was not a sickness but a CLUE that I was ready to embark on the next phase of my inner growth. Relevancy to efficiency: emotions are our internal GPS. They give us warnings that get louder over time. The more tapped in you are to your emotional GPS, the easier it is to stay on course to create a satisfying life.In today’s episode, Danielle talks to Monique about Problem solving efficiently, understanding the nature of the mind and how we solve problems allows us to solve them much faster and with less stress.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:21] - Monique introduces her guest, Danielle Sunberg.[2:49] - Tell me what you actually did in your previous life.I think a lot of us are starting to blossom from having one career and then taking this leap or pivot and then starting a totally second new career. That's what happened to me. I learned a ton about what it means to connect to yourself. [23:28] - How do you think people can make a difference when it comes to inner wisdom that's calling them or is it really something medical that they should be looking at? How do we address that in a world that doesn't allow us to think for ourselves when it comes to wellness?What we aren't taught growing up is what it means to have an emotion.Some people, they only need to experience a little bit of pain before they go.And some people need to get clinically depressed, before they say something needs to change.[30:39] - What happened when you were in Thailand and how you got to specifically learn about the gift of Reiki?I actually didn't get into Reiki specifically in Thailand, Reiki is a Japanese energy modality.The reason I got into Reiki specifically, is during my time traveling in Thailand, it sort of opened me up to this gift of facilitating the movement of energy.[41:34] - What would you say about the different versions of how energy can show up for people and how they can start to connect more to it?The initial thing I would say is that we all have our own intuition.If you just keep following the satisfying feeling of your intuition, it'll keep leading you towards satisfaction. [46:23] - I want to know how you use Reiki with your clients, what do you basically do to help them and how do you help them with that?Reiki is kind of a massage without the touching. It can be done remotely. We together travel the body with a chakra system, your seven chakras that are located all along the spine. And we use those in Reiki as an organizational system to understand the energy that's being facilitated. [53:00] - What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency for me is completing a task, or a project or the goal, in the way that feels most effortless.[54:19] - Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?I would repeat my childhood.Meeting my husband.Traveling the backpack experience around the world.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook 1: 2: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEEfficiency for me is completing a task, or a project or the goal or whatever, in the way that feels most effortless. - Danielle SunbergWhat we aren't taught growing up is what it means to have an emotion. - Danielle SunbergFIND MORE ABOUT DANIELLE SUNBERG HERE.Website:
  • 45. Music, Marketing & Modern Jewish Traditions with Franciska Kosman

    Kay Productions CEO/founder Franciska Kosman is a Jewish Orthodox Art-preneur who started her career as a singer and composer and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles. She then moved on to launch Kay Productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and – most importantly – ways to make an IMPACT with a message worth sharing.She started her own podcast: The Franciska Show, to give voice to the inspiring stories of Orthodox Jewish female artists. Traditionally, women's voices have been stifled for ages, nevertheless, modern technology has opened up new horizons for women to engage with their audiences in a variety of ways that were unheard of a decade ago.In today’s episode, Franciska talks to Monique about being a dedicated activist for her community and effectively uses her platform to empower other musicians and artists around her.HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:35] - Monique introduces her guest, Franciska Kosman.[2:49] - Franciska talks about her challenges growing up and actually not being allowed to sing.[6:47] - What about the talking? Were you able to speak publicly?You go based on communities.There are communities where women are not public speakers for the men audiences.It's more like ingrained in tradition.[11:53] - Where in Soviet Union did you move?I was born when my parents were already living there. So I grew up fully in Moscow. My mother is from the States, and my father is from Switzerland.[13:57] - What was the difference for you when you first moved to the US and how did you experience art and expressing yourself?I experienced that transition most when I moved here and when I was recruited to teach [20:47] - Tell me about how you got into podcasting and why you decided to choose that as a platform for your singing and your art? A mentor of mine suggested, “why not do podcasting”? [28:01] - Why do you think now that you have gone through all of this journey, would a podcast be beneficial to entrepreneurs or business owners?It's an amazing tool if used right.The way I see it is a real tool. [31:49] - What do you tell your clients to do for people to listen to a podcast?Catchy titles.Repurposing your content.Having great guests.[38:06] - What would you say would be a good way to encourage them to share the episode?I have the same issue.I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I think this is the default.[46:47] - Why do you think people should be listening to podcasts?Because it's a new platform.People are used to TV, people are used to the radio, and podcasts are just one notch higher.[50:21] -  What does efficiency mean to you?Efficiency to me means doing the most with the least.[50:38] - Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?Creating my music studio.PodcastingMy coachAWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook 1: 2: QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEEfficiency to me means doing the most with the least. - Franciska Kosman.Podcast is amazing tool if used right. - Franciska Kosman.FIND MORE ABOUT FRANCISKA KOSMAN HEREWebsite: