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  • 27. Ibanga Umanah

    Stacey, Nick & Patrice are joined by innovation strategist Ibanga Umanah to discuss the future of AI in the world of education & more. For more from our show, visit us at Want to get in touch with us? Email the show at!

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  • 26. A look back

    Stacey and Nick look back on how the themes of “What’s working/Not working” in our schools and the “Future of School” have shown up in some of our conversations with our guests.  Clips included in this episode are (in order) - Akil Bello, Meghann Luczkowski, Devin Morris, Jessica Santana, Bobbi Rebell & Kass and Cornelius Minor.
  • 25. Nothing about us without us

    In this episode, Stacey, Patrice & Nick talk to a student about his realities and hopes as a student with special needs. Plus, special needs advocate and educator Meghann Luczkowski joined the pod to talk about her experiences working with students of special needs. Items discussed on this episode include -Articles:The Importance of Teaching All Students About Tech Accessibility FeaturesTwo-thirds of schools are not fully accessible to those with physical disabilities, report findsBooks / Authors:Judith Heumann: books, biography, latest updateDemystifying Disability: What to Know, What... by Ladau, Emily20 children's books about disability that shatter stereotypes
  • 24. "You are not serious people.."

    In this episode, Nick, Stacey & Patrice react to a recent mention of the education system in America in the GOP debate. For more from our show, visit us at Referenced in this episode - Link to US Dept of 2023 Budget (per Congress) (Candidate Vivek Ramiswamy erroneously discussed how the US Dept of Ed spends its funding)Stacey referenced comedian Walter Masterson's appearance at a school board meeting -
  • 23. "This isn't sustainable.."

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice explore a recent article (link below) that details a scary outlook for the profession of teaching.  Let us know what you think of the article, and of our conversation, by emailing us at, and visit us at  
  • 22. Breaking down some education "talking points"

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice break down some recent comments made from fmr. White House cabinet secretary Bill McGinley on the Can We Please Talk? podcast about what the GOP's message should be to voters regarding their kids education & future. For more from our show, visit us at
  • 21. Geoffrey Fenelus

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice welcome former educator Geoffrey Fenelus to the show to discuss his career in education and his recent pivot to the world of employee benefits & how this impacts the world of education by supporting the educators. For more from our show, visit