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018 Support Your Child in School and Life with Nancy Taylor

Season 1, Ep. 18

Join us for today's episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast where we are joined by Nancy Taylor, Chief Education Officer for Taylor Educational Advocacy.

Nancy has worked with thousands of families to create and implement effective plans to ensure that their children succeed in school and beyond. Her approach to advocacy and intervention employs a framework developed based on 30 years of experience as a school psychologist and administrator and includes both clinical and educational practices.

Engaging school staff, parents, and children as problem-solving partners leads to the best outcomes. Over the course of her career, she have been a sought-after trainer and expert for parents, community groups, and school teams on interventions, instructional best practices, and assessment.

She says, "Parents are looking to optimize outcomes for their children, from a wellness perspective, from a success perspective, from an achievement perspective. Working with somebody like me who understands schools, who can handle the conversations with schools in a way that's positive and supportive, really has value."

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022 Solving Problems and Learning as You Go with Seth Raphael

Season 1, Ep. 22
Welcome to a very unique episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast where we are joined by Seth Raphael, who is officially the youngest guest we've had the pleasure of interviewing.Seth Raphael is the founder of LinkJoin, a website that organizes and automatically opens virtual classes. He is a student at Las Lomas High School, but also an entrepreneur and programmer. During his virtual 2020 school year, he noticed that he was struggling to remember to join his classes. So he created LinkJoin to help himself and others never be late again. His programming journey started small, with occasional summer camps where he learned the basics of coding and its concepts, but Seth's interest and knowledge spiked during the summer of 2020, when the world was in lockdown and he was stuck inside. After taking a full-fledged online course on Python, he became interested in making websites and quickly picked up the rest of the technologies needed. And when the need arose for one to automatically open his meetings, he knew how to make it. Seth enjoys playing piano, tennis, and ice hockey in his free time, and derives joy from beating his parents at backyard ping-pong.Seth has proven that you don't have to be an adult with multiple degrees to succeed in making a product to help people, you can just work towards a goal of solving a problem, learning as you go.Seth says, "Just getting started is the hardest step - if you have an idea and you think you can get it out there to help people, then just get started and see where it goes."Learn more and connect with Seth here:https://www.linkedin.com/in/seth-raphael-75aa2320a/https://linkjoin.xyz