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009 with Dr. Tobin, Using Technology in Higher Ed

Season 1, Ep. 9

On today's episode, we invited Thomas J. Tobin to join us. Thomas, PhD, MSLS, PMP, MOT, CPACC is the Program Area Director for Distance Teaching & Learning on the Learning Design, Development, & Innovation (LDDI) team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as an internationally recognized speaker and author on quality in technology-enhanced education. His books include

• Evaluating Online Teaching: Implementing Best Practices (2015).

• The Copyright Ninja: Rise of the Ninja (2017).

• Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education (2018).

• Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers (2020). 

He says, "A lot of you will know that if you want to have job security, one of the things you can look for is anybody who wants an instructional designer, an ed tech person. These days you can kind of write your own ticket because people are desperate for someone who knows the technology and who can also talk about it in plain language that other people will understand."

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030 Building Kiddom For All Students with Ahsan Rizvi

Season 2, Ep. 30
Today, the EdTech Speaks podcast interviews Ahsan Rizvi, CEO and Founder, Kiddom. Ahsan's story starts out when he was a young boy, going to school in Pakistan. When he was in 7th grade, he wanted to switch school systems, because that was the best way for him to get into colleges in the US. In order to attend the new school he had to pass an entrance exam, and based on the results, the school picked one, single candidate out of 1,100+ each year. He managed to pass by studying through the summer while all his friends were outside playing soccer (which he really envied!). This set the framework (at such a young age) for understanding the power of education.This background led Ahsan to create Kiddom, the first all-in-one education platform for high-quality digital curricula. It integrates curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources and money. With the flexibility to access and edit curriculum from any location, Kiddom is the only education platform that can effectively support teachers and learners engaging in in-class, blended, hybrid or distance learning scenarios, as well as in the quick pivots between them. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York City, Kiddom is a team of passionate educators, designers, and developers building technology to enable all teachers and learners to unlock their full potential. When asked about his hardships, Ahsan said, "It took 7 months to get the first investor meeting for Kiddom’s first round of financing, since I had no connections in the community. Going through the constant rejections from investors was hard without a paycheck. Getting that first “yes” was a huge step towards making Kiddom a reality and that lesson of tenacity has helped shape that same tenacity within Kiddom."Listen in as Ahsan shares how the Kiddom platform can be the key to great education of the future, built for all students of all abilities. Learn more and connect with Ahsan here:LinkedIn (Ahsan): https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahsan-rizvi-16340a25/LinkedIn (Kiddom): https://www.linkedin.com/company/kiddom/ Twitter (Ashan): ​​https://twitter.com/ahsanhilalTwitter (Kiddom): https://twitter.com/kiddomapp Facebook (Kiddom): https://www.facebook.com/kiddomapp/ Instagram (Kiddom): https://instagram.com/kiddomapphttps://www.kiddom.co/#EdTech #teachers #DigitalCurriculum #TeachingandLearning