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009 with Dr. Tobin, Using Technology in Higher Ed

Season 1, Ep. 9

On today's episode, we invited Thomas J. Tobin to join us. Thomas, PhD, MSLS, PMP, MOT, CPACC is the Program Area Director for Distance Teaching & Learning on the Learning Design, Development, & Innovation (LDDI) team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as an internationally recognized speaker and author on quality in technology-enhanced education. His books include

• Evaluating Online Teaching: Implementing Best Practices (2015).

• The Copyright Ninja: Rise of the Ninja (2017).

• Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education (2018).

• Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers (2020). 

He says, "A lot of you will know that if you want to have job security, one of the things you can look for is anybody who wants an instructional designer, an ed tech person. These days you can kind of write your own ticket because people are desperate for someone who knows the technology and who can also talk about it in plain language that other people will understand."

Learn more and connect with Dr. Tobin here:

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  • 43. 043 Educating your Remote Workforce with Tucker Graves

    In this episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast, Sher has the privilege of interviewing Tucker Graves, CEO and Co-Founder of the Pineapple Academy, a company with a mission of advancing the world's deskless workforce through training and skills development. The Pineapple Academy was founded by two friends who refused to accept the levels of turnover in the food service industry (about 30% higher than the average of all other industries).Tucker grew up in the food service industry, first working at his family’s food distribution business serving 4 states in the Midwest. From there he started several restaurants and cafes in Kansas City where he learned food service operations. Always the entrepreneur, he later went on to create a company to help serve the independent Senior Living Communities with a new model of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).Tucker found his passion in helping caregivers manage their communities through cost management services and providing food service operations with the tools to improve patient and resident satisfaction. He understood that Hospitality and Culinary Arts are the cornerstones of a thriving culture in healthcare communities. Today, Tucker enjoys being personally involved with clients in coaching them in their overall Business Strategy, Staff Learning and Development Strategies, and Marketing Strategies.Listen in as we cover the gamut from microlearning and changes experienced post-pandemic to training series and remaining open-minded!Learn more and connect with Tucker here:
  • 42. 042 Customized Learning and AI in Education with Steve Emanuel

    EdTech Speaks welcomes another esteemed guest, Steven Emanuel, a legal educator and visionary who has spent nearly five decades transforming how law students approach learning. Join us as he shares his insights into revolutionizing education through AI and machine learning. As a legal scholar and author, Steven has been a prominent figure in the field of legal education for over 48 years. Steven's journey began in 1974, when he started writing and publishing books for law students, focusing on simplifying and enhancing the learning process. Today, as the principal author of the acclaimed Emanuel Law Outlines series, he's dedicated to helping law students effectively master complex subjects. He has challenged traditional "Socratic method" and case-oriented approaches, developing more efficient ways for students to grasp the substance of law-school subjects. provides law students access to a vast library of study aids through a subscription model, fostering a more personalized and effective learning process.Steven says, "Education is about to be transformed by the use of AI/Machine Learning methods (like Chat-GPT), which will give each student a truly customized learning experience. Anyone who wants to "teach" others should be actively exploring how these ML-based methods can create an entirely new way of delivering educational content, because these will (I predict) largely supplant traditional methods of instruction."For more insights and to explore the world of legal education transformation, visit and discover the array of resources designed to empower law students on their academic journey.Learn more and connect with Steven here:www.emanuelAYCE.comGet your complimentary 2-month subscription: email, mention "Free Trial of EmanuelAYCE"
  • 41. 041 Navigating Business Education in a Technology-Driven World with Laura Wells

    Welcome back to the EdTech Speaks podcast, as we interview a special guest, Laura C. Wells, founder and CEO of Awake Teams, a collaborative learning platform that develops critical social and emotional skills in workplace teams and measures impact. This episode delves into the unique approach of Awake Teams, where teams engage in a three-month program that focuses on building emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. The program includes bite-sized learning modules, team sessions, and regular progress reportsWhile chatting with Laura, she shares her journey from working in consumer packaged goods brand management to her transition to creating Awake Teams. We also discuss her background, which includes developing leaders in emotional intelligence within corporations like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Uber. Laura highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, how it impacts both individuals and businesses and the need for a balanced approach to integrating AI and human intelligence.Laura emphasizes the significance of creating a high-trust environment for effective collaboration, open communication, and constructive feedback while touching on the role of AI in the modern workplace and education landscape. While AI can enhance efficiency and expand access to educational resources, Laura emphasizes the irreplaceable value of human skills, such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and collaboration.The episode concludes with insights into the impact of Awake Teams on employee engagement, team dynamics, and individual growth. Laura discusses how the program helps teams identify and address challenges, encourages continuous learning, and fosters a culture of accountability and progress.She says, "We are responsible for our own behavior. And when we're in a team, we've already acknowledged our collective is more important, and we're each showing up. All our voices are here and we are contributing as a team."Learn more and connect with Laura here:
  • 40. 040 Ed Tech Speaks Anniversary Edition - Year Three Recap

    Welcome to the third anniversary of EdTech Speaks!Host Sher Downing celebrates the anniversary of the podcast and reflects on the exciting year that Downing EdTech Consulting has had. The podcast has been instrumental in sharing impactful messages and insights from guests who are making a difference.Take a look back at some of the remarkable guests:Episode 30: Ahsan Rizvi, CEO and founder of Kiddom, discussed their innovative tool that combines curriculum, technology, and a learning community for K-12 education.Episode 31: Rachel Porter, a talented voice actor, lent her voice to the podcast's intro and closing segments.Episode 32: Josh Chernikoff, business development and thought leadership expert, shared his passion for creating new initiatives and supporting others.Episode 33: Ross Young introduced Linewize, a student safety platform that focuses on classroom management, safety monitoring, and digital safety education for parents.Episode 35: Roger Sands from Wyebot discussed AI-backed technology and its applications in education, enterprise, and healthcare facilities.Episode 36: Rachel B. Lee, known as the #Ladyboss, is a marketing and brand expert.Episode 37: Frederik Hendriksen shared the work of Rensair in providing clean indoor air solutions for improved personal health.Episode 38: Ryan Gialames from Robots and Pencils talked about their digital strategies and products that benefit education, healthcare, high-tech, retail, and financial services.Episode 39: Sheryl Kababa from Substantial highlighted the humanistic side of learning and technology. Substantial is known for its insights, design, and development studio.Year three has been filled with excitement and gratitude, and Downing EdTech Consulting looks forward to sharing new initiatives and insights in the upcoming year. Keep learning and stay tuned for more engaging episodes!
  • 39. 039 Digital Experiences in Education with Sheryl Cababa

    Welcome back to EdTech Speaks podcast! In today's episode, we have a remarkable guest joining us. Sheryl Cababa, the Chief Design Officer at the Insights, Design + Development Studio, Substantial, is here to share her insights and experiences in the EdTech industry. Sheryl is a multi-disciplinary design strategist with over two decades of experience and a strong focus on reinventing learning and collaboration approaches in the educational environment.With her extensive experience in human-centered design and a focus on equity-centered research, Sheryl brings a wealth of knowledge to the EdTech industry. Sheryl has worked on various projects, including collaborations with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and has recently released a book titled "Closing the Loop: Systems Thinking for Designers." We're excited to dive into her expertise and learn more about her journey.She says, "One of the most important lessons I've learned, which I believe our listeners can benefit from, is the concept of "nothing for us without us." When conducting research or designing solutions, it's crucial to empower and include the voices of those who will be affected by our work. By embracing an equity-centered mindset, we strive to empower those whom our work will affect and create a more inclusive and accessible educational environment."Learn more and connect with Sheryl here:Website: LinkedIn: your copy of the book with the discount code: cababa-etspeaks
  • 38. 038 Robots & Pencils Grow EdTech with Ryan Gialames

    Welcome back for another brilliant interview on the EdTech Speaks podcast where we interview Ryan Gialames, an experienced edtech product and design leader as Head of Product for Robot & Pencils’s education technology. He is responsible for launching edtech products, such as Student Apps, and bringing them to market while also driving the future innovation of these products. Although Ryan’s background started in theatre and filmmaking, he now uses those skills to engage with educators, designers, and technologists to create innovative learning experiences.Today, Ryan shares how Robots & Pencils provides students with a seamless, customized experience that supports each learner’s unique needs. Powered by Salesforce, their Student Apps integrates backend systems, including CRM, SIS, and LMS platforms, under a user-centered frontend. This technology is a breakthrough in the educational technology field as its unique method of consolidating all student data eliminates the data silos that normally impede the ability of staff to support students.Ryan says, "A one size fits all approach no longer works for today’s learners pursuing higher education. They’re juggling demands involving finances, jobs, family members, and other personal issues. Each person has different needs, goals, and prior knowledge to be accounted for. Often, these individuals care less about degree titles and more about learning specific, in-demand skills that will get them where they want to go."To answer those varying needs, Robots & Pencils has helped to design and build a variety of accessible, inclusive, and customizable learning experiences that support learners of all types. As a whole, they provide solutions and...Build platforms that offer flexibility in how and where students learnCreate pathways that accommodate unique and evolving needsFocus on Outcomes and key skills learnedShow how education outcomes align to industry needsEnsure learners own their learning progress and skills dataLearn more and connect with Ryan here:
  • 37. 037 Learning About Rensair Air Purification Technology with Frederik Hendriksen

    What an intriguing guest on the EdTech Speaks podcast! Tune in as I interview a thought leader and expert in the field of air quality and purification, Frederik Hendriksen. Before COVID you may not have given much thought to the topic, but since 2020 when the entire world was restricted to 6 feet separations and mandatory masks, air purification has become a need versus a want. Frederik joins us today to share how his company, Rensair, provides an air purification solution through technology, protecting and enhancing lives through clean air.Rensair’s portable, hospital-grade air purifier is helping businesses and communities get back on their feet. Our patented technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, was initially developed to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals. It traps and destroys more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family, helping to protect lives through clean air.Rensair's Company History: The core technology behind the Rensair air purifier was developed twenty years ago by Henrik Hendriksen, a Danish ventilation engineer, and Fredrick's father. When one of his sons developed severe allergies as a child, Henrik couldn’t find a remedy. So he invented one. Leveraging his deep knowledge, he combined the most advanced hospital-grade air cleaning technologies in a compact, portable design.Subsequently, his innovative design was sought after by hospitals, institutions and care homes across Scandinavia.Henrik’s legacy endures today. In 2020, his twin sons Christian and Frederik Hendriksen set up Rensair to evolve the original product design, continue its manufacture and distribute it worldwide. Watch the story here: says, "Air purification is key to mitigating the risk of Covid infection. If companies are to encourage employees and customers to return to their premises, practical steps must be taken to prioritize health & safety. Just as people expect pure water from the tap or hygienic food from the supermarket, so too they expect clean air in buildings and shared spaces. It’s not just an expectation, it’s a human right."Learn more and connect with Frederik here:
  • 36. 036 Building Human Connections Online with Rachel B. Lee

    I'm excited to share today's guest, Rachel B. Lee, with the EdTech Speaks podcast listeners. Her story is one of an ambitious female overachiever who’s created a new path for our career and life by sharing her voice and dreaming big. Being an overachiever, she followed a structured path, because that was the right thing to do - getting a college education, working in corporate, etc. But she felt constrained and knew she was destined for more. She knew she could only be her most authentic self by sharing her voice and beginning the journey to becoming an entrepreneur.She left an amazing corporate job to be a female business owner and entrepreneur with her husband as a business partner. Together they're the B Lee, Web3 creators and community builders with so much to give to the world. Her business is Standout Authority and her mission is to revolutionize the way we communicate; a digital marketing agency that helps executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and working professionals build their personal brand, create thought leadership, and grow opportunities through the power of LinkedIn. She’s also part of the LinkedIn Creator Program.She uses technology to fuel all of our productivity for creativity, and project management tools like Microsoft Teams and Monday for content. They also use a Draft to support them with content creation and email, a Discord community, and Web3 tool called Social Connector.She says, "My parting words of wisdom would just be to trust that life is happening for you. Even in the darkest moments. There is always light and each challenge is just a turn in the right direction. And to trust, trust the universe."Learn more and connect with Rachel here:
  • 35. 035 WiFi Automation Platform Solutions with Roger Sands

    Have you heard of Wyebot? If not, then be sure to tune in to today's episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast where I welcome back Roger Sands, co-Founder and CEO of Wyebot, Inc.We unpack the ideas behind Wyebot, a WiFi automation platform used in education facilities, as well as enterprise and healthcare facilities. During our conversation, we discuss how Wyebot makes sure WiFi networks are optimized and working to their fullest potential, which is especially important considering the amount of technology we use on a daily basis. What's the differentiator? Wyebot’s AI-backed technology automates and solves WiFi issues that would normally be ticketed to engineers. This process, according to the company, results in a 70 percent reduction in WiFi problem tickets and a decrease in onsite problem-solving visits by up to 80 percent.When asked about his prediction on tech and education trends for the future, Roger says, "Technology will become more and more important and hybrid schedules will still be popular. This hybrid work environment is with us, the industry has mastered it, and we need ways to support this new ecosystem."Roger has 17 years of executive management positions in successful networking startups and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Wyebot, Roger was the Business Line Manager for Hewlett-Packard’s WW WLAN business growing it from #6 to #2 market share. Roger joined HP via the acquisition of Colubris Networks a wireless startup where he held a number of executive positions including co-CEO and was instrumental in the HP acquisition. Prior to Colubris, he was a GM at Accton Technology founding the enterprise wireless business and building it to #3 market share via 6 strategic partnerships. Roger also held senior management positions at 3com, USRobotics and Bytex Corporation, and he holds a Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University.Learn more and connect with Roger here: