EdTech Speaks


012 with Career Development Coach in Academia, Dr. Loren M. Hill

Season 1, Ep. 12
Today's guest on the EdTech Speaks podcast is Dr. Loren M. Hill. Our listeners will benefit from hearing of her experience while finding her way and navigating the sharp corners in higher education. As she gained confidence in her abilities and invited others to join her in pursuing career advancement, she learned how resilient she was. Which ultimately resulted in promotions and administrative appointments. Her parting words of wisdom are, "Look for support and it will find you, you don't have to go at it alone!"Dr. Hill is an experienced academician. She recently joined Union Institute and University’s newly created division of Transformation and Strategic Alliances as their first faculty hire. Tasked with developing and managing Union’s continuing education courses and workshops, she diligently is overcoming challenges daily.Previously she held the position of Director of the Forensic Psychology Post-Baccalaureate Certificates Program at Fielding Graduate University. Before that appointment, Dr. Hill was the Department Chair and Director of the Forensic Training Institute in the Clinical Forensic Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles Campus. During her tenure, she oversaw mental health training, research, and community outreach in clinical forensic psychology. Additionally, she identified and built relationships to provide underserved and under-resourced community members with information about the importance of mental health and mental wellness. Over the years, Dr. Hill has been recognized for her professional contributions. She was named the 2018 Antioch Alumnus of the Year, and in 2017 she received the prestigious Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) Community Volunteer of the Year Award for demonstrating strong leadership in promoting IVAT by engaging students, faculty, and community members.Leadership is a priority for Dr. Hill. She is a 2019 Feminist Academic Leadership Academy Fellow. As an academician, she is also a servant leader. She was awarded the 2014 Distinguished Faculty in Community Partnership Award for her contributions as a journal reviewer and service on the International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma conference board. In 2012 she was awarded The Chicago School of Psychology's Faculty Award of Excellence by the President of the University for her contribution to teaching, research, and community outreach.Learn more and connect with Dr. Loren M. Hill here:https://theacclivity.com/https://www.facebook.com/drlorenmhillhttps://twitter.com/drlorenmhillhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/drlorenmhill/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7Pj53_iGc2M9GcZN1AgLA?reload=9

006 With Sher Downing, Ph.D., CEO and EdTech Strategist

Season 1, Ep. 6
Join us for the newest episode of EdTech Speaks, hosted by Sher Downing, Ph.D. as she reviews guests from our podcast launch through today. Tune in for five guests speaking on a wide variety of topics, sharing their expertise and knowledge.There are 5 lessons we've learned during the pandemic: 1. We’ve learned that you can earn an education online. 2. We can be productive both with virtual meetings and remote working. 3. We have learned to shop without being in stores; the ability to select items based on pictures, descriptions and recommendations has become pivotal in how we have changed our shopping experience. This is not only for food and necessities, it will change how retail is perceived for the future.4. We need a community. Never before have we needed others for assistance, help to move forward, or even just to hear our thoughts and concerns. The personal experience has become necessary even online.5. Medical treatments such as online nurses and dialing a physician have become useful for many situations. #edtech #edtechpodcastQuick Bio: Sher Downing, PhD, has established a 30-plus year career during the evolution of online learning. Understanding the importance of connecting people, business, education and technology, she looks for ways to create relationships and establish digital connections. She is the host of podcast EdTech Speaks, exploring the navigation of business and education in a technology driven world. She is also an author and contributor to Forbes, US News & World Report, HBR Ascend and Medium.She is the Founder & CEO of Downing EdTech Consulting - where people & technology connect - providing consulting, coaching and affiliate partnerships.-consulting for online projects from strategy to development to design services-coaching for entrepreneurs, startups, tech professionals, anyone who is trying to expand or navigate their opportunities in the EdTech field-affiliate partnerships with leading vendors to establish connections for client needs