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035 WiFi Automation Platform Solutions with Roger Sands

Season 2, Ep. 35
Have you heard of Wyebot? If not, then be sure to tune in to today's episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast where I welcome back Roger Sands, co-Founder and CEO of Wyebot, Inc.We unpack the ideas behind Wyebot, a WiFi automation platform used in education facilities, as well as enterprise and healthcare facilities. During our conversation, we discuss how Wyebot makes sure WiFi networks are optimized and working to their fullest potential, which is especially important considering the amount of technology we use on a daily basis. What's the differentiator? Wyebot’s AI-backed technology automates and solves WiFi issues that would normally be ticketed to engineers. This process, according to the company, results in a 70 percent reduction in WiFi problem tickets and a decrease in onsite problem-solving visits by up to 80 percent.When asked about his prediction on tech and education trends for the future, Roger says, "Technology will become more and more important and hybrid schedules will still be popular. This hybrid work environment is with us, the industry has mastered it, and we need ways to support this new ecosystem."Roger has 17 years of executive management positions in successful networking startups and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Wyebot, Roger was the Business Line Manager for Hewlett-Packard’s WW WLAN business growing it from #6 to #2 market share. Roger joined HP via the acquisition of Colubris Networks a wireless startup where he held a number of executive positions including co-CEO and was instrumental in the HP acquisition. Prior to Colubris, he was a GM at Accton Technology founding the enterprise wireless business and building it to #3 market share via 6 strategic partnerships. Roger also held senior management positions at 3com, USRobotics and Bytex Corporation, and he holds a Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University.Learn more and connect with Roger here:https://www.facebook.com/Wyebot/https://twitter.com/Wyebot_inchttps://www.linkedin.com/company/wyebot-inc/https://wyebot.com/

034 Looking Towards 2023 with Sher Downing

Season 2, Ep. 34
What will 2023 hold for you? Every year I get asked about my predictions for the upcoming year. After three years of chaos in business and continuous upheaval of the technology and employment landscape, my prediction is this... we'll need to pay attention. In 2023, business, education and technology will continue to influence how we live, when we work and when we play. Changes at the federal level, such as interest rates, are going to impact the ways we look to be more cost-effective in how we do business, how we purchase, and how we live our lives at home. Listen in to my quick recap of this year and predictions for next on this special episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast!#edtech #edtechpodcastQuick Bio: Sher Downing, PhD, has established a 30+ year career during the evolution of online learning. Understanding the importance of connecting people, business, education and technology, she looks for ways to create relationships and establish digital connections.She is the host of podcast EdTech Speaks, exploring the navigation of business and education in a technology-driven world. She is also an author and contributor to Forbes, US News & World Report, HBR Ascend and Medium.She is the Founder & CEO of Downing EdTech Consulting - where people & technology connect - providing consulting, coaching and affiliate partnerships.       consulting for online projects from strategy to development to design services       coaching for entrepreneurs, startups, tech professionals, anyone who is trying to expand or navigate their opportunities in the EdTech field       affiliate partnerships with leading vendors to establish connections for client needs

033 Protecting Children's Digital Journey with Ross Young

Season 2, Ep. 33
Thanks for tuning into another great episode of the EdTech Speaks podcast where we are joined by Ross Young, EVP of Linewize, a rising classroom management and technology company.He helps K-12 school districts meet the challenges of today’s connected learning environment by leading product strategy, sales and customer experience. Ross has deep expertise in the EdTech and cybersecurity industries, a passion for technology and its ability to drive social impact, and a strong understanding of how to effectively integrate classroom management tools into school districts while complying with security, safety, 1:1 scale and procurement. Ross is incredibly passionate about protecting kids and teens in their digital journey, especially because he once intercepted his daughter interacting with a predator online before it was able to escalate. When he’s not busy supporting and protecting every child’s digital journey, Ross can be found chasing his kids on bikes, skis, scooters or across the football field at his home in San Diego, California.Listen in as we discuss surveillance vs. security when it comes to digital monitoring tools and EdTech tools and how they can protect students from harmful online behavior and help find early indicators of violence, self-harm and bullying.Ross mentions that he has a variety of technical tools in his classroom management and digital monitoring software. Linewize can help school districts protect their students and avoid violent incidents. It can also help parents ensure their kids are navigating the digital world a little more safely.He says, "Moving forward, I expect to see an emphasis on mental health awareness in EdTech monitoring tools. I also expect to see more tools emerge that will help to measure the effectiveness of the EdTech systems being utilized."Learn more and connect with Ross here:https://www.linewize.com/https://www.facebook.com/familyzoneUSA/https://twitter.com/linewizehttps://www.linkedin.com/company/familyzone-io/

030 Building Kiddom For All Students with Ahsan Rizvi

Season 2, Ep. 30
Today, the EdTech Speaks podcast interviews Ahsan Rizvi, CEO and Founder, Kiddom. Ahsan's story starts out when he was a young boy, going to school in Pakistan. When he was in 7th grade, he wanted to switch school systems, because that was the best way for him to get into colleges in the US. In order to attend the new school he had to pass an entrance exam, and based on the results, the school picked one, single candidate out of 1,100+ each year. He managed to pass by studying through the summer while all his friends were outside playing soccer (which he really envied!). This set the framework (at such a young age) for understanding the power of education.This background led Ahsan to create Kiddom, the first all-in-one education platform for high-quality digital curricula. It integrates curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources and money. With the flexibility to access and edit curriculum from any location, Kiddom is the only education platform that can effectively support teachers and learners engaging in in-class, blended, hybrid or distance learning scenarios, as well as in the quick pivots between them. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York City, Kiddom is a team of passionate educators, designers, and developers building technology to enable all teachers and learners to unlock their full potential. When asked about his hardships, Ahsan said, "It took 7 months to get the first investor meeting for Kiddom’s first round of financing, since I had no connections in the community. Going through the constant rejections from investors was hard without a paycheck. Getting that first “yes” was a huge step towards making Kiddom a reality and that lesson of tenacity has helped shape that same tenacity within Kiddom."Listen in as Ahsan shares how the Kiddom platform can be the key to great education of the future, built for all students of all abilities. Learn more and connect with Ahsan here:LinkedIn (Ahsan): https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahsan-rizvi-16340a25/LinkedIn (Kiddom): https://www.linkedin.com/company/kiddom/ Twitter (Ashan): ​​https://twitter.com/ahsanhilalTwitter (Kiddom): https://twitter.com/kiddomapp Facebook (Kiddom): https://www.facebook.com/kiddomapp/ Instagram (Kiddom): https://instagram.com/kiddomapphttps://www.kiddom.co/#EdTech #teachers #DigitalCurriculum #TeachingandLearning