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Scott Galloway rips work a new one

Season 6, Ep. 123

A recording of a Twitter Spaces discussion with Scott Galloway. We talk remote working, why cities will never die, why working hard is Scott's top career advice. Along the way we talk about the power of touch, Goldman Sachs, missing humans and what will come next for work.

The Twitter Spaces app also blings a lot too, sorry about that. I've edited about 200 of them out.

Scott's book Post Corona is a bestseller.

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Community: how a table changed a culture

Season 7, Ep. 149
A wonderful discussion that I think has got immense to richness to it. I chat to the boss of St John's Ambulance Martin Houghton-Brown (Martin on Twitter). I was struck with the power of the lessons about connection and identity - we often find ourselves throwing these terms around casually but Martin's testimony brings it vividly to life.Find out more about St John's Ambulance - become a volunteerDonate to St John's AmbulanceParkrun research: volunteers see a bigger health uplift than the runnersPre-order Fortitude and get a workplace culture course for free (before 8th July 2022)The book is about resilience - how we get it wrong, and where it really lies. There are a lot of mistakes made about resilience and increasingly our teams are getting fed up hearing us talk about it. Fortitude explores where resilience really lives.The early reviews on the book are sensational.Steven Bartlett said:‘This is a truly refreshing, captivating and important book that shifted my perception on a topic I thought I knew! A must read.’GaryLinekersaid:‘A book that confirms what I've always believed, that we can't be resilient on our own. In fact resilience is about all of us being stronger than any of us.’Oliver Burkeman said:‘An important and well-timed book. A fascinating and important pushback against the narrow,joy-eroding version of 'resilience' that would leave us to sink or swim alone, Fortitude is anindispensable guide to a more energising, human, and effective approach to working andthriving in a post-pandemic world’Noreena Hertz, author of The Lonely Century said:'A thought provoking exploration of what it takes to get through tough times and a compellingendorsement of the power of others to hold us up’.Nadiya Hussain said:'A much needed book that unfolds the surprising secrets of resilience. Something I never knew i needed to read but I'm so glad I did, it’s opened up a whole angle of thinking'Alastair Campbell said:‘A fascinating analysis of resilience - what it is, what is isn’t and why, when we develop it together, it becomes something better and more important, fortitude. It seems that resilience is a team game.’Photo by Jorge De Jorge on Unsplash