Eating Crow


Episode 36: Cory Carlson

Season 2, Ep. 36

Cory Carlson is winning at home.

It wasn't always that way.

Cory's story will resonate with many people struggling to advance a career and maintain a healthy family life.

Cory lost his balance.

He failed at home.

He failed at work.

The he woke up.

He came clean.

First to himself, then his family.

What happened next is an amazing example of forgiveness and faith.

Cory put in the work.

He captured his lessons into a book: Win at Home First

If you are struggling with work/faith/life, this is a must read.

Cory's Eating Crow Moments:

  1. Realizing he was not living the life God had provided for him.
  2. Owning his biggest mistakes.
  3. Admitting he needed help, and seeking it.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. You can win at home and work.
  2. Your family needs a vision, but get yours straight first.
  3. Every lesson at home translates to something at work.

You can find Cory's book here: Win at Home First

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Episode 41: Tony Albrecht

Season 2, Ep. 41
Tony Albrecht has seen things.Things most people will never witness.His path has been a winding journey through self-doubt, insecurity, destructiveness, self-centeredness and ultimately, a spiritual awakening.Tony is also one of the most intriguing people I've met (and considering this show's premise, that's saying something).He's raw.He's still paving HIS path.He's becoming an amazing husband and father (note, it's an evolving process, with no deadline).I connected with Tony's writing instantly. He was gracious enough to share his journey and lessons.I hope to be with Tony on the remainder of his journey. When you encounter people who are deep and have so much to offer, you make it a priority to build a friendship and to continue to learn and be challenged by their approach to life.Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:Sabbaticals have meritReading is fundamentalMany battles win the warTony is a quiet leader. He has "it", the thing people are drawn to in any situation. In his youth he let this power consume him. Now he's harnessed it, using it for good.Leaders can benefit from his thoughtful approach to words, actions and observation. He battles the resistance one-day-at-a-time.Tony's Eating Crow Moments:You hit rock bottom the moment you stop diggingFacing reality - owning his journeyTough conversations with his parentsAdopting the 12-steps in AA, and working them, embracing the spiritual awakening.You can find Tony here: