Eating Crow


Episode 31: Jahmaal Marshall

Season 2, Ep. 31


Really Listen.

That's Jahmaal Marshall. He's a listener.

Don't mistake this for a lack of action - it's just that Jahmaal has mastered the art of listening before speaking.

It's a lost art.

He doesn't listen, he listens intently - to understand.

As for action, well, Jahmaal is pretty special there too.

His full-time role is human rights (no, really).

The vision for the International Justice Mission, where Jahmaal works: rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice unstoppable.

Come on.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Listen to understand. Listening is a great first step, but if you can understand, you can make a difference.
  2. Conflict is constant - how you handle conflict can enhance or destroy your leadership impact.
  3. Have a conversation - listening and conflict resolution allow opposing personalities and groups to work through differences and usually get to a productive outcome. Recognizing we can agree to disagree, and presenting thoughts in a non-confrontational way - then listening with patience and the desire to understand are the hallmarks of a true conversation.

Jahmaal's Eating Crow Moment:

  • The passing of his father and his year of questioning. He reflected on his passion and turned his grief into his mission to help others "find themselves."

Love this guy - you will too. Enjoy

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