Eating Crow


Episode 30: Matt Sheehan

Season 2, Ep. 30

I wanted to run through a wall for Matt when we finished the podcast.

Why? Because he owns everything, the good and the bad. So refreshing to chat with another crow eater.

He played hockey in college and his leadership style reflects his view that teams must flow together, on a singular mission but each with a role to play.

Matt is extremely thoughtful when it comes to building a winning culture.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Mission matters. Not the fluffy, framed saying on the wall in the lobby mission, but a mission that defines who walks through the door every day. You are either on board, or you should find another mission.
  2. Culture starts at the top, with action, reinforcement, solicited feedback and constant tweaking. Most important - ownership.
  3. There are problems everywhere waiting to be solved. His latest company, Exhale, is a perfect example, and it's cranking.

Matt's Eating Crow Moments:

  1. After years of solid growth and tremendous investment, personally and professionally, a sudden career change had him take stock of where he was and what he wanted to do next.
  2. A continuing Eating Crow Moment: Market feedback. Test your product, price, position constantly and listen to the market. Eating a bit of crow now and then allows you to find the sweet spot that registers with clients.

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