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When dining goes wrong, and the silver lining.

Season 3, Ep. 11

When Dining Goes Wrong & Silver Linings.

The guys talk about some recent bad dining experiences that were turned around in a positive way by managers and waiters who did what the needed to do turn a negative into a positive   

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:27] Ali and Marco talk about some recent travels. 
  • [3:40] Marco has a bad food experience t the airport at a pub.
  • [8:18] Marco describes the snarky email he got from the pub’s team. 
  • [8:55] Ali tells us about his first buffet memory.
  • [10:43] The pub turns a bad situation around.
  • [12:52] Ali talks about his no so great Halibut experience in one of Canada’s great restaurant
  • [20:00] What happens when restaurant staff isn’t empowered to deal with situations in the restaurant. 
  • [21:49] Marco’s tip on how to deal with an unsatisfied customer.
  • [24:03] Ali tells us what he would do when he got a complaint in the restaurant he managed.
  • [26:30] What actually happens when you ask for something really spicy.
  • [33:15] Marco tells his odd brunch story that has a silver lining.
  • [40:50] Ali’s bank teller has a neck tattoo.
  • [41:20] Ali recommends the 1 minute manager

Memorable quotes:

“Never had a bad meal in Alberta.”

“Sorry to force my nacho agenda on you.”

“Margaritas, the drinker’s Gatorade”

“it would kill my fork germs”

“the customer is right half the time”

“this is a jerk’s perspective”

“I’m not a role model for our listeners”

“If a pub can’t do nachos right, there’s something fundamentally wrong with that pub”

“Your sense of humour is an acquired taste”

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Tell us your terrible service Stories, or ones where a bad experience was turned around. 


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