Earth to Philosophy

Earth to Philosophy is a podcast featuring philosophers working on nature and the environment. Each episode, hosts Claire Hamlett and Andrea Gammon invite a guest to discuss some of their work, usually a recent book or paper, or perhaps a side project they have going. It's an attempt to bring environmental philosophy to a wider audience, a no-budget labour of love, and an excuse for Andrea and Claire to talk with people whose work they find interesting.

Claire Hamlett

Claire Hamlett is a writer and campaigner based in Oxford. She wrote her Master's thesis on climate change and moral philosophy and now writes about co-existence between humans and wildlife. Follow her on Twitter @HamlettClaire. (Claire is from the UK and has the British accent.)

Andrea Gammon

Andrea Gammon teaches philosophy and ethics at TU Delft in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. in environmental philosophy (2018) focused on rewilding, place, and cultural landscapes. You can find her work at (Andrea is from the U.S. and has the American accent.)