Earth School Podcast


#71 Title: Unpacking Dharma

Season 2, Ep. 42

 A conversation around life purpose, J.O.B and authentic self expression

We are answering listeners' questions, send us your questions via website or DM around dharma, purpose & authentic self expression.

Is Dharma your job?

What is Dharma?

The purpose of life

Remembering yourself

Your Dharma isn’t static

FOMO around not being on purpose

How deconditioning can derail our connection to purpose

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Welcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally. 

Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga


Roseleen McNally - Celtic Shamanism, Reiki Teacher & Mentor


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