Earth School Podcast


#54 Exploring Your Inner Authority (June 11th - 17th)

Season 2, Ep. 25

A practical conversation around standing in your truth .

Are you giving yourself permission: 

To act in alignment with yourself

To notice where and how you are diminishing yourself

To witness where you are stuck in old patterns

To ignore outside feedback

Peeling away the layers:

To create lasting change

To be present with yet not rush the process

To reach deeper richer information

Purpose, Dharma & Authentic Soul Expression:

Stumbling blocks

Sourcing from yourself

About the Podcast

Welcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally. 

Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga

Roseleen McNally - Celtic Shamanism, Reiki Teacher & Mentor

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