Earth School Podcast


#49 Deep Soul-Desires: New Moon in Taurus (May 7th - May 13th)

Season 2, Ep. 30

A gentle conversation around

Working with the nervous system 

Gentleness & light touch

Increasing one’s ability to sense ‘more’

Trust redefined

Connecting with the deep soul-desires

Working with the New Moon in Taurus (11th May)

Feeling you way into the possibilities

Self defined way forward

Expanding the scope of intention setting

About the Podcast

Welcome to Earth School, a weekly podcast about weaving the healing journey artfully into life, hosted by Bibi Dallmann & Roseleen McNally. 

Bibi Dallmann - Human Design, Astrology & Yoga

Roseleen McNally - Celtic Shamanism & Reiki

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